Child of Winter's Children (joyeuxcherie) wrote in egl,
Child of Winter's Children

Colorway check: Innocent World's Merry-Go-Round JSK or OP (2012)

I searched Google and the EGL community and found posts about the release/reservation of this JSK and OP but couldn't find any owner pictures of any of the colors.

Closest I got was a picture of the GLB page featuring this JSK in what I think is the pink colorway.

IW's photography can really throw off colors and considering this print, I want to see if it's really as muted as it is in their shop site's photos.

If anyone has any owner photos, whether it's on a hanger or worn, of any of the colorways:
45 Pink×Chocolat
55 Chocolat×Chocolat
33 Black×Black

I would be so grateful if you could share them!

Thank you!

Tags: *innocent world, request: photos

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