Benihime Shimizu (benihimedenote) wrote in egl,
Benihime Shimizu

Review for Little Chili Shop on Ebay for Taobao Infanta

[This is my first time posting] I recently received my purchase from Little Chili Shop on Ebay. I decided to try them out because I found quite a lot of posts on the Internet saying that all they do is steal pictures, but in fact they are a reseller/shopping service for TaoBao. Anyway, there was a dress from Infanta called Snow White that I really wanted and they said on the listing (first link below) that it will come with the matching headband. So I purchased from there. The rest of my review would be on my blog (second link below) and there are a lot of pictures included. I hope the review will help if you have considered purchasing from them.

"This is my first time posting a review so I hope I did it right. If I didn't do it right then sorry!"
Tags: review product: dresses, review product: headwear, review service: shopping service

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