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I need Advice!


I am new to Lolita and would like to ask for some advice. First, I would like to say that I have been researching the various styles and sub-styles of Lolita and have decided I want to wear sweet Lolita with a classic touch. I don't want to go OTT quite yet. ^-^ I plan to wear Lolita to school. I am heading into eighth grade, so I am at the "top of the totem pole," so to speak, so the kids in the lower grades should not be a problem. The kids in my grade are a very big obstacle, though. After reading many reaction stories, I have an idea about how to respond to their comments. I just have one concern; transitioning into the style. Let me say that I plan to start wearing the fashion after Christmas break. Now, if I transition into Lolita gradually, and start wearing dresses on a daily basis, I am afraid I will become discouraged and give up on this fabulous style. Plus, everyone freaks out when I wear a dress. I would rather plunge into the style, but that would be *much* more dramatic.
So, any advice? I am open to any additional advice you may have. Also, I do plan on wearing bloomers. The guys in my grade are far from gentlemanly. XD
One more thing, (this may be a silly question) do any of you have a Lolita swimsuit (like one that has a lot of frills or something)? That question has been bugging me for a while.
Thank you for your time, Lovelies!:D
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