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Review: Classical Puppets Petticoat and TaobaoSpree

Please feel free to ask me anything about this review!

The main event.

So here it is. The Classical Puppets 46cm A-Line daily petticoat in white (type III). It looks pretty much like the stock photo.
It is soft, fluffy, and gives just the right amount of poof for not knocking things over. It has a small lining. I'm right at the edge of the max waist, so it's a bit pinchy because of the elastic, but that an issue that can be fixed by exercise or shapewear. ;)
Here is the before and after for poof level:
Before                                                                   After

Awesome. :)

Nice quality, small amount of poof, and exactly what I was looking for for a decent price.

The other thing that's not really lolita.
Socks! From here. The have a lot of lacy type socks as well. Unfortunatly on pair did not fit, but that was an error on my part for not checking the sizes. Ooops.

So how did I get this stuff?
Having looked at my options, (Clobba [$34.95], QutieLand [$36]) and deciding that the wait time was the same and that it would potentially be less expensive then the sellers (I also wanted some cute socks) I went with TaobaoSpree to purchase directly from Classical Puppets.

TaobaoSpree uses a spread sheet ordering system that you send to a general email and receive a reply from one of the agents. My reply was from Nancy, but last time I worked with Candy.

I plugged in my order, sent it out, got a confirmation a day later from Nancy that the items were in stock and a request for the first payment ($42.38). I paid, Nancy replied that she had ordered and would let me know when the items arrived. I received an email with a picture of my items 3 days later saying the items had arrived. I was pleasantly surprised as I was expecting it to be awhile for the petti. It may have been because I did not order a custom petti, or just luck of the draw.

When I ordered, I had requested pricing for AIR/SAL as well as EMS. Once the items arrived at the agent, Nancy suggested using an E-packet as my items were lightweight. This method supposedly is about the same time frame as EMS and includes tracking. I paid the second and final payment ($19.22).

The package was shipped out on June 14th, arrived in the US on the 19th and was at my door on the 21st (didn't even have to sign for it!). So about a week (which is pretty awesome).
Looked like this:

In total I paid $61.60USD.
Broken down:
Petti (with domestic shipping to agent)- $22.84
Socks (all from the same store so only one shipping fee)- $9.37
Service fee- $8.25
Shipping- $18.48
Paypal fees- $2.66

Ordered from Classical Puppets using TaobaoSpree. Inexpensive, prompt, and communication was to the point. Ordering system is not cart based and requires a bit of thinking of what you are purchasing. Would use again.

Hope this helps. :) Please let me know if you have any questions!
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