Captain Shanks Freely (cajun_cat) wrote in egl,
Captain Shanks Freely

Issues ordering with Bodyline Website

[EDIT] Thanks so much to everyone who gave me their suggestions! I wasn't able to get it to work myself (tried deleting the items, clearing cache, getting any item, Bodyline also suggested it could be the antivirus program? None of it worked on my end however.) Fortunately my friend was able to place my full order through perfectly.
In case anyone else has this problem I'll be leaving this post up ^^
Thanks again!

Hello everyone,
I've been trying over the past couple of days to order from the Bodyline website but whenever I proceed to checkout I get a 500 Server Error which won't allow me to complete the transaction. I have tried on another computer (using both Firefox and IE8) and on my phone and still have had no luck. Has anyone else had this problem before? I appreciate any help you have to offer!

Thank you

Tags: *bodyline, ordering: misc questions

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