Hannah (tanaie) wrote in egl,

Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Lolita Dress Patterns!♥

Hello everyone! As we all know, AC:NL was just released in North America a few days ago, and is going to be released in Europe in only two more days (Hang in there girls. >.< )
I thought it would be nice to have a thread sharing designs that you have made, or awesome ones you have seen on the interwebz.

I've been on tumblr searching madly for designs, and MY GOSH, I've found a lot of really adorable ones. T-T♥

Lol, I haven't even unlocked the QR Code scanner thingy yet to scan these design, but I CANNOT wait until I do.
I'm gonna be scanning outfits like nuts. xD

Anyway, here are some designs that I found and thought were really cute/beautttiiifull. *-*

Anyway! Please share your own designs, or designs you've found!
Or even discuss which dresses you'd love to see made into little animal crossing versions! xD
(I personally wanna recreate a few that I have in my closet)

[Oh! Here is my Friend code if you'd like to add me. Please let me know if you do, so I can add you back. ]

FC: 3351-5052-9307
Name: Hannah
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