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A New Toyline With Lolita?

Is it just me or do I spy some dolls wearing lolita?

I did a quick search and didn't turn up anything on Ever After High here on the community yet, so I hope it's alright if I post about it! From the makers of Monster High there's apparently an alternate universe coming in with the teenage sons and daughters of the most famous characters in fairy tale history, and this of course means only the FANCIEST clothing for these characters. At the moment no actual photos of the dolls have been released yet, but considering Mattel has already started this line's new website, I think it's safe to say we can be expecting dolls to pop up in stores soon.

There's three episodes up to view so far with a surprisingly interesting storyline set in place already, though I've only watched two episodes thus far it actually to me seems to be a bit more of a developed idea than what Monster High was. Granted not all the characters are wearing lolita, but there are plenty who are, such as the daughter of Little Bo Peep (of course), Apple White, and Madeline Hatter, as well as countless background characters. Though I doubt Mattel will ever officially dub the clothes they are wearing as the official lolita style (understandable considering these are toys marketed to young children and their parents who would probably have a heart attack seeing the word "lolita" on the box art for these plastic girls) it seems to me that lolita is definitely the style they're imitating, considering the fact that they could have easily gone with the traditional floor-length ball gown that the classic Barbie doll has come to rock the stage with ever since Barbie and the Nutcracker.

So my question is, how do you guys feel about this? Are there any hopes for this new toyline as it unfolds, any concerns that come to your mind when you first look at it? How about the fact that these dolls are wearing lolita, and how they might impact young girls who may come across real life lolitas the next time they go out with mom to go grocery shopping? Would anyone be interested in cosplaying these characters- or perhaps, what about the other way around. Will we be pegged as cosplayers as the popularity of this line grows? Or do you think it will totally flop? So many questions, all of which I would love to hear your guys' answers to!
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