toucandy (toucandy) wrote in egl,

Salopettes: To Petticoat or Not To Petticoat?

"Do I need a petticoat for this salopette?"

I made this video because I have gotten questions on whether or not salopettes need a petticoat or not. There isn't really one source that answers this question so I thought I'd throw in my two cents on the topic for anyone who is unsure.

My fatal flaw in this video is that I don't own a salopette akin to DDC or Toy March-- I have no idea if those may need a petticoat, but I'm asuming that they do. I didn't include that in the video though because I didn't want to steer others in the wrong direction.

Please leave a comment about if you use a petticoat under your salopettes, which salopettes, and a photo if you can! Salopettes are getting pretty popular now and need some info out there.
Also, disclaimer-- I am in no way saying that my opinion means  it is the rules!
Hope this helps someone!

edit-- thanks for all the comments, I'm glad we have a good resource page in the works!

Tags: coordinates: photos, coordinates: questions

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