Heidi B (alpineheidi) wrote in egl,
Heidi B

I'm Breaking All da Rulz

So I was looking through some old pictures on my phone and found these photos from last year from an outing. We went to the Cheek Wood botanical gardens which is a really cool place if you ever go to Tennessee. I never posted them to daily lolita over all the rules they broke, but I think they are perfect for this weeks theme!

Here is my friend, she's a proper and good lolita,
See how good she is? She just air pets the statues so her hands dont get dirty, thats how nice and ladylike she is.

I am the bad lolita.
No petticoat D: no Blouse D: no hair done D: I am truly the rebel of all lolitas.

(Please note before you get your petticoat in a bunch, these are not real headstones, no dead people were disturbed by my frolicking, this post was all in silliness. Unless of course Sappho was actually buried here, which I highly doubt XD )
Anyway, hope you found my rule breaking mildly amusing.
you can see more pics from this adventure here :
Have a happy Memorial Day!  ^ ^

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