choopchooptrain (choopchooptrain) wrote in egl,

Question: Angelic Pretty Glass Doll?

Over the past few months, I've come across pictures of AP's Glass Doll series and I'm a little confused as to when it's being released (if it hasn't been already).

I'm rather fond of the JSK and OP, so I googled them to see when they had been released, but I didn't find anything about them on any of the AP websites or on EGL. So at first I assumed the series hadn't been released yet.

But the thing that's throwing me off is that the AP USA web-shop had Glass Doll blouses in stock a few weeks ago, but nothing else from the series. I've also seen one or two people on Tumblr with the JSK.

I didn't want to have to resort to asking here, but I'm a little desperate, as this dress is pretty high up on my wishlist and I can't seem to find any information about it. Any info you might have would be hugely appreciated! Thanks! c:

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