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Anime North 2013 Fashion Show -Lolita Section-

The Anime North Fashion Show is an event that take place every year at Anime North on Sunday on the Mainstage in the Double Tree. It takes places on May 26th. In term of participants, the lolita section makes the most splash and I'd like to keep our group on top! If you'd like to participate please read the information below the cut.

Fashion Show May 26th 2pm in the DoubleTree in Plaza AB
Deadline: May 21st

Facebook Event

In order to participate in the fashion show you need a valid Anime North Badge (Weekend or Sunday). You will need to be in or change into a lolita coordinate. You must be willing to showcase your outfits in front on an audience and have a great time doing it ;)

Styles to Showcase (in order of appearance)
Gothic, Classic, Sweet, Shiro, Kuro,Aristocrat, Wa, Punk, Sailor, Kodona/Ouji, Casual, OTT, Pirate.
Twinning/Tripleting/ Group submission will also be accepted!
*ero, cosplay lolita will not be accepted*

What should I wear?
Brand, offbrand or handmade it doesn't matter, I am looking for diversity something to show off you and your personality.
Please make sure your coordinate is lolita and will not confused the audience on what lolita is. Don't try to make your outfit more 'flashy' or more 'flamboyant' sometimes simplicity is better!
*Your submission may be refused if the items are not lolita or are cosplay lolita or break some rules within lolita like not having a petticoat. Your submission will not be refused because I dislike your coordinate because we're here to showcase your personal taste!*

Submitting a form
All sections must be filled. Incompleted forms will not be accepted and will be deleted. Photo of your outfit must be submitted either of the worn coordinate or of a layed out outfit (including everything like petticoat). No stock photo or separate photos of each item please. You may also include a little bit about yourself in 'Information about yourself'. Please keep it short and sweet. You may include anything you'd like the audience to know about you, like career, hobbies, your lolita journey. Note that this info will be stated when you're on the stage so keep the length reasonable and write in the 3rd person please!!!
Because of the volume of participants please use the facebook event or this thread to submit question/comments.

Follow Up
Once you've submitted your form you will be notified via email that you've provided with more details as to what you will be doing. I usually follow up once the submission have died down or a week prior to the con.
Submission Form
i. Forms must be submitted to my LJ account uttate. I will not accept any submission submitted anywhere else due to the large amounts of participants.
ii. If I have too high of a volume of participants, I may start grouping people together.

Contact Information
First & Last Name:
Day Pass:
Photo Alley:
Phone Number:

Fashion Show Information
*it is important to note this information will be stated during the fashion show. Please write the information as clear as you can and write any summary/biography/information about you in the 3rd person!!!!
Information about yourself:
*please select the right item. If the selection of clothes doesn't apply to you please remove it from the form! Keep it simple please!
Photo of the outfit:
Headbow/Bonnet/Hair accessories:
Note: Add this at the bottom if you wish to add anything else
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