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Tenso identification verification?

So I'm not sure if anyone here uses Tenso but I'll give this a try. I used them at the beginning of the year to get my Liz Lisa lucky pack and it went great! I just ordered something off of another site to have sent there. Tenso is now requesting documents with my name, date of birth, and address or they will be unable to send my package to me due to a Japanese law. I would be more than happy to submit a photo of my drivers license, but here's the problem: it has my parent's address on it across the country. I submitted two documents to them, one of my lease contract with the address, and one a health form with my date of birth. Are they terribly picky about this? Or will I have to give in and have to have this sent to my parent's house? They're such a great service and always answer my dumb questions and don't really want to loose them over this. 

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