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Chess Story Review: NEUTRAL

Hello everyone,

I've been postponing this review for a couple of times now, but I decided that I had to make it, since there are a lot of points that I want to show you about the products I got when I ordered Chess Story's Starry Night Angel skirt in lavender with their Starry Night Angel jewellery set.

I used TaobaoNow as my shopping service. Everything was good on that side. Shipping to me took a little long because I took the cheapest option, but it still arrived within less than a month and a half.

The skirt and jewellery were inside a resealable clear plastic bag, wrapped into some kind of sticky black plastic wrap, put into a box, and taped solidly.

So, onto the review:


(Sorry for the low-quality of some pictures, my camera died a couple of weeks ago and my phone has trouble taking large pictures.)

The skirt itself appears at first to be nicely constructed. No obvious loose threads, no print defect.

(This picture has been lightly altered to reflect true contrast.)

The material is a nice, thick cotton. The print is not the clearest of all, but it's still quite decent. It feels like it would run a lot in the water, though, so be wary of that.

The shirring at the back is quite comfy, except for the last few centimetres. Mine is a size L, meaning the measurements should go from 72cm to 80cm, but it feels like the max comfort would be 77-78cm. I lost weight since I ordered, and now my waist is of 68cm, so the skirt is kind of loose on me, but adding an elastic on the inside should do it.

The skirt has a hidden side zip with hooks, a strap to hang it and the Chess-Story tag. I had some problems with the zipper closure, which would block at the joint of the skirt and the waistband. I checked to make sure nothing was on the way and concluded that it's just the way the waistband is made that makes it hard for the zipper.

The tule-lace is a custom lace with Chess Story's name and stars all around. It's quite soft and feels pretty sturdy.

The garment is fully lined with polyester, but it's not a top-quality polyester and makes a lot of noise when you walk around with the skirt. Brand lining is better quality. Also, as you can see, the thread that's been used to sew the lace is not the same colour as the lining, and it will show a bit from time to time when you wear the skirt, depending on how you sit.

My last complaint is about the star, which has numerous creases and is, imho, not stuffed enough. I would also not have added the gems, but at this point it's more a personal opinion than anything else. It's a detachable pin.

So overall, it's a good skirt and I got what I paid for, but there are still mistakes that could have been avoided.


So um, as you can see, the jewellery is, um, no longer in mint condition. I didn't even get to wear the bracelet, and the necklace broke in the morning. I'm going to explain how and why both broke, and show some other defects I've found. So there we go.

I was wearing wrist cuffs that day, and I just wanted to pull the bracelet a little over it, and it broke in my hands. Luckily, I was still in my room and I don't have any hard-to-reach space close to where it broke, so I was able to find back all the pearls.

The reason why it broke is because it was secured at both hands with tiny metal clasps which had a hole in them to let the thread pass. The knot at the end of it wasn't big enough, so it passed through the hole and all the pearls slid out.

While I was taking pictures for this review, I tried to move the clasp a bit to slide the knot back in it and see if it really got away because of that, or because I was being too rude with it, and the clasp broke. Next is the necklace.

As you can see, the clasp which secured the beaded part did not hold on. It broke when I was at school, taking it off to do an important exam. The necklace was tied loosely enough so that I had enough room to take it off without fighting with the crab clasp (I had done it at home to make sure), but it broke there. I was lucky again because the last pearl of the necklace has a very tiny hole, which blocked all the pearls and prevented them from rolling away.

The part that broke is the tiny metal clasp, which just broke in two.

As you can see, the star bead on the necklace is imperfect, it has some chips missing, as though someone had it thrown away and then decided to use it anyway. It also has scratches, which you can see a bit in this photo. In the end, the ring is the only piece that held on.

They used a star beads and glued it on an adjustable ring. I don't know what they used for it, but it held on. The only thing that bothers me is that, since it's a bead, it has a hole on the top branch.

So overall, the quality control was poor, the parts were cheap, and the two main pieces broke in my hands. I don't know if I just got unlucky, but that's what quality control is usually there to prevent, so to me it's not an excuse.

In the end, I'd say it's a NEUTRAL rating, positive for the skirt but negative for the jewellery.

I hope this review will be useful to some of you. I will fix the necklace with Krazy Glue and I'll see what I can get out of the bracelet. It's quite deceiving, especially since they were beautiful pieces (before they broke).

Thank you!
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