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A little worried about my reservation with AATP

I reserved the new Mermaid in the Jewelry box skirt and double hairbow from AATP on April 26th when the reservation period first opened for the series, and I received the first confirmation email the same day. And as any one who has made a reservation with Baby and AATP before, knows that it takes a few day until they send you a payment request. Well I have yet to receive the request and it has already been 10 business day. I am getting worried that they are not going to process my order and that I won't get my skirt and hairbow. I went ahead and sent them an email about this already, since they say to contact them after like 10 days if you haven't gotten the payment request. I am now waiting for a response, but given that it's the weekend, I will have to wait at least a few days for that. Hopefully they are just really backed up and will get to my order, and that I am just worrying for no reason. Has anyone who reserved anything from this collection received or not received the payment request yet? Thanks! 

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