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Examples needed before I embark on a new dress

I have this lovely embroidered dress whose bottom I hate, and a full home-made OP whose top I revile. I plan on Frankenstein-ing the two halves together into one dress that I could actually be happy with. Unfortunately, I can't easily recall seeing anything like what I'm envisioning for my ungodly sin-against-ruffledom, so I'm going to run it past you guys first.

This is the basic design. Those squiggles on the white bodice are actually embroidered flowers and vines. I'm just a crappy artist. The denser black lines at the neck and arms are black piping. I don't remember any pieces of brand styled this way, so I'm not even sure it'd count as lolita or not.

It feels rather plain to me as-is, and I considered adding some basic white eyelet along the bottom hem, but I simply don't have the lace in the amounts I want to trim the bottom of it. I was considering adding a collar of some kind to dress it up a bit, but I'd like to hear some input from you guys.
Tags: crafts: help/questions, request: advice, request: inspiration

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