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Edited/updated: Nov, 8th /2013! Taobaonow Review + Taobao Dark Box Magic Astres JSK Pictures

May be image heavy for some.
Edited/updated as of November 08/2013!

I ordered the Magic Astres JSK by Dark Box in "Red" through Taobaonow.

Taobaonow service 5 / 5
I loved using Taobaonow, It was fast and simple. Responses were incredibly quick, the price for the service was decent.

I put in for the pre-order near the end of February, the dress was to be finished early-mid April. The order was processed immediately. They checked the order twice, told me the measurements before they shipped it out to me. It was shipped out on April,24th. I Received it today :) I am currently waiting for a Mozarabic Chant Jsk by Krad Lanrete, I was positive I would receive that dress before this one, guess not.

I first ordered a Small but decided to go for a Medium to be safe since my weight fluctuates quite a bit.
I ordered the RED version of this dress as there were no sample pictures of the WHITE or BLUE dresses (until later on). I'm happy with my choice of Red but I wouldn't have minded Blue.

If anyone has any questions or would like pictures of the dress let me know.

Here is the dress on Taobao.

The package:

First Glance:

worn photos (excuse my makeup-free photos):

just playing around :

This dress is absolutely beautiful, the polyester fabric is incredibly smooth and silky.. the print is stunning.

The biggest problem the dress has:

the biggest flaw are these snags/pulling of threads.
The print does a great job keeping your eyes away from this but they are still there and will continue to bother me since I am quite obsessive.

I would give the dress an overall 4/5.
If you love galaxy prints and are looking for a dress that catches eyes then this dress is for you!
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