useless doll (nittlegrasper_) wrote in egl,
useless doll

Shanghai and Hong Kong lolitas!

Hello everyone! I'm looking for lolitas from Shanghai and Hong Kong! I will be in Shanghai 6-15 May and in Hong Kong 1-5 and 16-18 May and it would be very nice if we could have a loli meet-up *_* Also if you are interested I can make a short cute lolita video for Russia Gothic&Lolita Festival ( ^^ In 2012 there was video about Korean lolitas, it was really fun and interesting!
So if you are Shanghai/HK lolita let me know about you!

About me: I'm a russian lolita, you may see my photos in this LJ from russian meet-ups.
My tumblr

P.S. It would be very great If you can recommend me some cute and nice places (or cafes, etc.) and such suited for lolita in Honk Kong and Shangai. I would be very grateful ^_^

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