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AP International Help - Returned to Sender - *Resolved & Info for Future References*

Has anyone dealt with an order from AP International being returned to the sender?
I made a mistake in my shipping address - accidentally used my hometown zip code instead of my college city zip, and while I've done this once before and my mail came just fine as someone had written in the right address at the postal service, I wasn't as lucky this time and my tracking number tells me on March 30th it was returned to the sender.
I checked their International Shipping Center website and it said if a package is returned to them, they will inform you if a package gets returned to them and will re-send it so long as you pay shipping, and after 30 days they will either destroy the package or return it to the sender (AP).
I tried using a contact form for the shipping center to tell them my package is being sent back and that I will re-pay for shipping, so that they're aware of the situation and should expect it being returned to them, but I haven't gotten a response and I wrote it early last week.
I'll post updates should something similar happen to someone else in the future!

April  - contacted International Shipping Center via message submit page (the one titled About Parcels/Shipping [Japan Shops *ID starting with "eu"])
- received generic autoreply 'your inquiry has been received etc if you don't hear back in 3 days send again'
April 8 - re-send inquiry, autoreplied
April 9 - send message via contact board to AP shop telling them I made an address mistake and it was sent back, tried contacting shipping center and haven't responded etc help plz
April 10 - Shop replies promptly that they will have the shipping center find out the cause for trouble
April 11 - Ask shop if they will let me know via contact board or email when they have found my package. Tell them I have tried contacting the International Shipping Center through their contact board but they have not responded still.
April 12 - Shop responds they confirm my order has arrived already, showing Track & Confirm on the EMS site says "Final Delivery" on April 9. Ugghhhhh no. I reply that this is because it has been delivered back to the shipping center. I tell them they can clearly see that the package goes from Tokyo, to NYC, and back to Tokyo. Ask them to please have the International Shipping Center contact me for details on paying for shipping to having my order shipped back to me. I try the International Shipping Center contact board inquiry form again, as well as e-mailing the e-mail address directly that just sends me the autoreply that they have received the inquiry and will contact within 3 days.
Shop responds they will try to find out from the international delivery center and they will instruct DankeDanke to resend.
April 13 - I receive paypal invoice from japanshops for re-shipping! Hooray! Invoice paid, and made a note on the transaction to be aware of my correct shipping address regarding the ZIP code. Also message the shop just to be sure the shipping center will be aware of the address, and thank them for their help. Still no replies at all for my inquiries to DankeDanke, so should anyone have trouble reaching them in the future, I'd recommend contacting the shop as with my situation they will actually respond.
April 15 - Finally actually heard from DankeDanke after e-mailing them directly ( for future reference) saying they confirmed re-shipping fee and will ship i today. A new tracking number appears on my order page.

Should you have an AP International Package returned to the sender in the future, I hope this helps! Using the AP shop contact board and the direct DankeDanke e-mail are the contact methods that worked for me. The DankeDanke inquiry board form never got any responses.

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