Shirlene Hoshi-Chan Whitmore (Shirlene Hoshi-Chan Whitmore) wrote in egl,
Shirlene Hoshi-Chan Whitmore
Shirlene Hoshi-Chan Whitmore

Lolita Meetup In Cleveland, Ohio

Hello To All Lolitas Out There. I Want to Meet More Lolitas Like Me Who Live In the Cleveland Area or are willing to come to Cleveland. I Am Planing On Having A Lolita Meetup Don't Know When Tho. Just Want to know if people will show. This Will be my First Time Doing This But If Anyone Has Any Tip For me Please Tell Me!!! ^w^ I'm Thinking About A Little Tea Party With Cake And Pie And All Kinds Of Sweets!!! >w< So please Tell Me If Its a Good idea And If You Are Willing To Come.

Not Just Lolita Are Welcome, You can Come In Fairy Kei, Visual Kei, Gothic, Or Anything You Want! I Just Wanna meet People Who Are Into Japanese Fashion.

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