Mikiri Akasha (mikiriakasha) wrote in egl,
Mikiri Akasha

Long underskirts?

I have a question for all you lovely lolis!
Has anyone seen an example of converting a normal length lolita dress into more of an ankle length dress, probably using a long underskirt?
I want to know if anyone has done it, what kind of tips they had, etc.
I know some brands make long versions of dresses that would make this easier,
but I would like to possibly buy a long underskirt for next fall/winter,
and be able to use the wardrobe i'll already have by then with it, not needing to buy separate long dresses.

I'll admit, I was watching Gosick when I got this idea, as Victorique wears a couple of dresses that appear somewhat disjointed,
and it gave me the idea of long underskirts. Anywho! Have you seen it work? Or look terrible?
Thanks! =]

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