roripan (roripan) wrote in egl,

Patterned tights and checked skirt ?

I started to dress Casual/Punk Lolita last Christmas.
I now own two skirts, including a red checked one from Bodyline (this one I'm planning to buy two pairs of black and white patterned tights : one striped, and one black with a quite busy print, with several big or smaller white stars. As I'm also going to buy a black skirt with a white small skull applique, I know I will be able to coordinate my tights with it. But I was also thinking of wearing it with my checked skirt ... And don't really know if it would look good or terrible. ^-^ On one hand, I love both stripes and tartan checks, and after all I'm not trying to wear a pink skirt with dark blue and black stockings, on the other hand, I'm not sure mixing and matching such patterns is a good idea ... What do you think about it ?
Thanks !

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