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The Tea Party Club's Presents Frock On!

Hallo, last time you heard from the Tea Party Club blondedebates posted an in depth report of our 5th year anniversary featuring Juliette et Justine - if you missed if you can have a nosey at it here.  Following the success of our event we featured in GLB issue 46.  You can find pics and coverage on the event on pages 4-5, 74-75, 86-87 and 110.  We also have translation of the text on pages 74-75 kindly supplied to us by go_slow_ly
"[Kyra’s photo]

Here is the head of the event, Kyra! For those of you who are interested in the Tea Party Club that Kyra runs, check this website!


United kingdom

Thanks to: …..

Tea Party Club presents

Juliette et Justine

Fashion Show and Tea Party

[Bold text] As a lover of lolita fashion, British girl Kyra started a tea party community called the Tea Party Club. To celebrate the club’s 5 year anniversary, they invited Juliette et Justine designer Mari Nakamura to come not just for a tea party, but also for a fashion show event. In addition, a GLB editor, dollmaker Koitsukihime, and make-up artist Akira (TTA) came from Japan to participate. Attendees were gathered through the internet with a total of 200!

[Small text] There was much excitement among European lolitas this fall when Juliette et Justine’s designer travelled from Japan, Gothic Lolita’s holy land, to London! The venue was a gorgeous room in a hotel – there’s surely no place more elegant on earth…

The event was split into two days, and the first began with the opening of a pop up shop. Since it’s not so easy in Europe to buy Japanese lolita items, everyone was very excited to be able to buy them at affordable prices. After that there was a Q&A with the designers, then a fashion show, a lottery to win lolita goods, and the day was finally ended with a round of handshakes [the handshakes didn't quite happen - Michaela]

The second day was a tea party in the very place where afternoon tea first began. The attendees gathered were not only from the UK, there were lolitas from all over Europe, America, Singapore and more, and it was very moving to be breaking scones together with so many of the world’s lolitas. [Literally: the flavour of the world’s lolitas breaking scones together was greatly impressive]

Everyone took photos of one another, and exchanged contact info, and with a tear in their eye, finally said their goodbyes.

Q&A Time!

This is the area where attendees could ask various questions of the designers. From left to right, it is akira (TTA), editor Mari, JetJ’s Nakamura Mari, and Koitsukihime. Some of the questions posed included “I make clothing on my own, could I be considered a designer?”, “Will you have a black lolita model?”, and “What do you think of Western lolitas?”…

Koitsukihime Makes an Appearance!

Koitsukihime displayed her doll for the UK lolitas!


Models were recruited in advance online, then selected and finally made it to the stage! The Japanese staff were shocked when even though they spoke English, the model didn’t understand and though it was due to their poor English, but were reassured by the British staff, “that’s because she’s French!” (haha)

[Picture captions read: Dutch, Spanish, British]

Fashion Show

The fashion show on the first day began with dress inspired in Queen Elizabeth’s image! While the sound of two aria singers filled the air, many dresses were shown, including ones from issue 45 of the GLB, J’adore le milk[?], the Library dress, and Un Lapin et Carte, and the very last was one made specially for the day, the gorgeous Marie Antoinette dress!

Pg. 2

Tea Party

Day two was the afternoon tea party. There were scones covered in traditional Yorkshire clotted cream! This day had a more relaxed atmosphere while a magician performed.


After the fashion show on the first day, Kyra’s boyfriend pulled out a ring and proposed!

Kyra and the attendees were all in tears…

[I don’t understand the next line] JetJ’s designer thought “Maybe we are the reason for their engagement?” [is my interpretation]

“Well then, I want to make your wedding dress!” said Nakamura. Everyone was so surprised!!

5 Prize Entries!

This event was not only the talk of the UK, all Europe’s lolitas were excited for it! But many cried on their Twitter or blog about how they couldn’t get to London so easily so online contests were held for illustrations and photos. The entries were received in advance so the winners could be announced at the event. That way even people who could not attend could still participate!

JetJ Design Contest

The contest called for the best clothing design and the winner might get theirs made into and actual JetJ dress!? The top prize went to Charlotte (left: 20 years old, British). The next prize went to Kouma Yuki on the right (30, Japanese). To see their designs made into reality, go to page 110

Kotsukihime “Doll girl” Photo Contest

Entries were collected to represent “a cute girl just like a doll”. The winner was Daniela (26, Austrian) who won a book signed by Koitsukihime!

GLB’s Gothic and Lolita Illustration Contest

The theme was anything fitting the theme of gothic or lolita. The winners were left: Harriet (19, British) and right: Marby (23, British)

akira (TTA)’s TONY TANAKA Hair and Makeup Prize

This prize was awarded at the event to girls with the best hair and makeup, and winners received tonytanaka, TONY TANAKASOL cosmetic sets as a prize. Because this year’s summer Olympics were held in London, he gave out three prizes, gold, silver and bronze. From the left, there is gold winner Charlotte (British), silver winner Daniela, and bronze winner Felicimu (British) [that should be Felicity, right?] Daniela won the Kotsukihime prize too!

And… the JetJ Model Prize!

Among the fashion show models, one was chosen as the best! The girl they picked was Chocolate (22, Dutch) [yeah, they spelled it chokore-to]. Chocolate also did a photoshoot for the Queen Elizabeth and Marie Antoinette dresses that JetJ made specially for this event! Those pics are on pages 4-5 so go have a look! She also works as a pro model under her real name, NINA, and she has been in magazines like Marie Claire and has worked as a runway model in the Paris Collection. But she loves to wear lolita and has quite a collection! Chocolate’s blog is http://..... Even if you don’t know English, you can still enjoy her entries so go check it out!"

Last years event was phenomenal and we are so honoured to have been able to put on such a great event with the support of JetJ and GLB.

In celebration of 6 years of UK frills 2013 brings us

frock on logo copy resize 3
Logo designed by Nadia Sultan
Saturday 31st August
One Whitehall Place, Central London

Frock On! has been in the works for the past 4 months!  It would have been easy to take a bit of time off from organising events and stuff, but once the idea’s started flowing it was hard to hold back.  After the success of last the 5th Year anniversary event featuring JetJ we really wanted to focus on the brilliance that are Lolita indie brands Lolita indie brands in the UK have stalls at larger events and conventions but after seeing how fantastic the indie collective we felt that an event that let independent brands shine was long overdue.  In addition to the indie focus we really felt it was important to organise an event that had a wide range of workshops and activities that catered to everyone’s style and taste.  We have worked hard to make sure that the tutorials and workshops are accessible for everyloli, we have things for those new to the fashion and things for seasoned lolis.

We are beyond excited to bring you a day packed full of tutorials, workshops, fun and fashion shows, aimed at all wearers of all styles of Lolita, as well as bringing you the first and the most exciting dedicated Lolita shopping experience the UK has ever seen! Thanks to the enormous support we have from international as well as home grown independent Lolita brands we are able to save you the cost and hassle of international shipping and customs fees to bring you an experience like no other, in a stunningly beautiful venue.


A Lolita shopping extravaganza! With (confirmed so far):

With: (Confirmed so far)
Atelier Pierrot (Japan)

Baroque (Korea)

Chérie Cerise (Chile)

Elergy (USA)

The Flowers Shop (Mexico)

Haenuli (Korea)

Icing Sugar (UK)

Juliette et Justine (Japan)

Lady Sloth (Poland)

Lockshop (Netherlands)

Mille Fleurs (Japan)

Ophanim (USA)

Pinkhime (Japan)

Rekami Stworzone (Poland)ękami-stworzone-Hand-Created/143223465730709?ref=ts&fref=ts

Roxie Sweetheart (UK)

Strawberry Mushrooms (UK)

Stocking Shock (UK)

Snowfield (USA)
Sweet Mildred (USA)

Plus! a bring and buy stall where you can flog your unwanted frills and pick up a bargain!

Many more exciting shops still to be announced! (You will be pleased! Trust me!)

School of Frock!

Enrol in the School of Frock with our handy workshops:

Lolita Basics - How to put together your first (second or third!) outfit and where to buy Lolita in the UK

Hair and wig styling tutorials

Posing tutorial

Bow tying lessons

Q and A session with Miss Caro Chan

Michaela's Fashion Fix

Step over Gok! Michaela and Kyra compete in an outfit styling challenge of brand Vs. off brand

Gothic & Lolita & Punk no Kai

Introducing our sister group from Japan with some friendship forming activities bridging us around the world

Plus plus plus plus!

Fashion shows! Raffles! Prizes! Illustrators! Photographers!

And many more exciting brands, guests, companies and events to be announced!
Please check our
Facebook event: or our website where you can also buy tickets:

For more information just get in touch with Kyra or myself and we will try to help you as much as we can.

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