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Lump Lingered

What do you consider the "rules" of Lolita to be?

This is something I've been thinking about for the last few days after the great petticoat debate recently popped up on Tumblr. What do you think makes something Lolita?

Do you feel that Lolita can be defined by:

  1. more or less measurable things (ex: skirts must be 2" above the knee, hem widths must be 2.5 times the waist width)

  2. certain clothing items in a coordination (must wear a puff-sleeved blouse, petticoat, headwear, legwear etc)

  3. silhouette (basically just take the poofy Lolita silhouette and color it in however you like with whatever you would like)

  4. whatever the brands decide and the consumers deem popular (like how mini skirts and chiffon are now OK, when they weren't a few years ago)

  5. a general aesthetic (pintucks, lace, & modesty)

  6. a lifestyle or dependent upon the situation (are you a Lolita while you're wearing something cute and doing something "Lolita", or would you be a Lolita if you showed up to a Lolita event wearing Aristocrat or Boystyle. Can the situation be enough to push someone into Lolita territory?)

  7. a combination of any these things or something else completely?

Do you feel like any one of these things are more important than the others, or alternatively, could be neglected completely and still make a perfectly normal Lolita outfit?

If you reply, I'm also curious when you got interested in Lolita, as I've noticed there are a few Lolita "generations" and people who got into Lolita at certain times tend to think similar things about the fashion and it's rules. Or at least I think that's something I've noticed!

I know this topic is a bit played out, and even pretty annoying if you were there to see the great petticoat debate go down on Tumblr a few days ago, but while googling around for other EGL posts on the topics of rules and petticoats, I've noticed that the reactions to these sorts of things is pretty different between Tumblr and EGL and it's just something I've been curious about!

Edit: I guess I should clarify a few things! I don't mean to ask what you think of <i>the</i> rules, but rather what sort of rules/guidelines/ideas/etc. do you use to define the whole Lolita fashion, basically "What makes Lolita Lolita?". I also get that everyone may wear Lolita their own personal way, but accept others style as perfectly Lolita, so I don't really mean what sort of rules does your personal wardrobe follow, but rather what sort of defining features do you feel Lolita, as a whole, has.

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