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Bodyline wig w088?

Hi everyone! (:

I've finally saved up for a Bodyline order, and want to buy a wig for my new wardrobe.
I've fallen in love with this one here:

I can't find any reviews on this particular wig, so if anyone owns it can I ask if it's a decent-quality wig? (I don't really wanna fork over £34 for a piece of cheap n' nasty tat)
- Is it possible to cut the bangs so that they're blunt rather than side-swept? (because side-swept does not suit me)

Also, I've been staring at what looks a bit like a colour chart for the wigs. As well as the size-table. Is, for example, size 1 red the first shade of red on the colour-chart-thing? -If not, how does it work?-

Thank you!! ^_^

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