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Baby, you got some funny wording...

I placed some orders during Baby's Sale and HURRAH, they got back to me today. But I'm having a little trouble knowing exactly what they would like for me to do.

Short version of events: A girl in my local comm and I decided to do an order together in an effort to save on shipping during Baby's sale. This was also during their holiday, so we knew to expect a delay on the response email. Unfortunately, when I went to order the items, all of the clothing I wanted was sold out. I placed the order for her items (and then a few small things like stationery for myself). A few days later- Baby magically restocked the items I had wanted, so I decided to suck up the cost of shipping and do a second order for the items I had wanted.

Today I got two emails, one right after the other from Baby. The first was a confirmation of the first order I had placed, and instructions to pay the invoice to paypal. The second was a little confusing.

Dear (thelonebamf)

Thank you for your order.

We have accepted your order. Please check the attached list for detail.

During the sale period, it’s unable to accept the request of the combination
of the orders.
We process a lot of orders one by one in order.
It’s unable to take time to re-processing the order for one customer.

Please make your payment of the orders of which we sent you the confirmation E-mail.
We’re sorry but it’s unable to accept your new order before we confirm your payment.

We will send the items after we confirmed your remittance.

The shipment will be by EMS and you will receive the items in about a week after shipment.

It is followed by a brief breakdown of the price, and ends with:

If these conditions are acceptable, please make a payment of [ 29190 ] yen within 10 days.

There is also an attachment of a spreadsheet detailing that order, with shipping weights and final costs.
So- they said "We have accepted your order (#2) but then "we are unable to accept the order before we confirm payment" (of #1, I'm assuming?) I knew that I wasn't going to be able to combine the orders, that's fine- but does this email just mean "Send payment for order one, then you can send it for number two"? Should I send them an email asking for... er... double confirmation on the second order? (Or permission to send payment, at least?) Or should I just send the payment for order #2? I was hoping to harass them with as few emails as possible...
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