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Mary Magdalene & Innocent World coats

Hi there!

As I said in an earlier post, I might be moving to England in October, so I was considering buying a coat by Innocent World or Mary Magdalene for the autumn months (or winter, until it's not acceptable to wear simple thick clothes anymore and I have to change to 324928 layers of thermal clothing).

Do any of you own a coat by Mary Magdalene? If so, could you please tell me about it? How warm is it? How does the fabric endure rain or snow? Because I'm guessing the exorbitant prices have to be worth it... I'm thinking of buying it secondhand with my first paycheck, but if not I'll go for Innocent World, which leads me to the same questions regarding Innocent World coats. Are they warm enough, and how do they resist rain or snow?

And if there are any other lolita coats that meet their purpose particularly well and are worth the price, please let me know. :-)

Thank you!
Tags: *mary magdalene, request: advice

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