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Reviews: Haenuli Stained Glass white jsk and Baroque Abandoned Night black velvet jsk

Hello everyone. This is a review for both Haenuli Stained Glass of the Saint Giles white jsk and Baroque Abandoned Night velveteen black jsk with back frills. I'm overall pleased with both dresses, I like the gothic style of the Haenuli dress and the elegant fairytale look of the Baroque one.
Now onto the review (sorry if it's too long but I'm quite meticulous about dresses xD )

Haenuli Stained glass of the Saint Giles white jsk

Order: 4/5
They allow you to pay with a payment plan which really helped me a lot. I've placed my order on the 23/12/12 asking for 3 installments. Due to the holiday period I got their reply on 05/01/2013 with the payment plan details. Later when they started the cinderella reservation I asked to ship the stained glass dress togheter with my cinderella order to save on shipping and they agreed. Then on the 07/02/2012 I got the tracking number for the stained glass jsk only and after I asked why they shipped the dress alone they apologized and offered me free shipping for the cinderella order. I think they had to arrange many orders so I understand their confusion.

Communication: 4.5/5
As I understand there is a girl that handles the email orders and Haenuli that makes the dresses. However their replies were always polite and comprehensive, a bit slow sometimes but totally understandable. They keep you update if there are delays and such

Shipping time and packing: 5+/5 Nothing to say, I choose the registered mail and got the dress in about 10 days. The packing was fine and I got extra candies, a handwrite note and a cleaning tissue with the new print

Dress: 4/5
I've ordered a size 1 with printed bodice

I love the print, it has lots of different details though some parts have some saturation problems (the front glass window is too dark..you can't really tell what's happening in there xD another one is too bright). the dress is fully lined. The fabric is heavy and the lace is good. very good construction

it has a beutiful and very well made back shirring and the tags with instructions on how to wash and iron. Very professional.

Mine arrived with some yellow stains and..penmarks? not sure about them

I've emailed them and they told me how to remove them and said that they would have changed the dress in case. Fortunately the stains went away with the only water.
The only con about the construction of the dress is the bodice lenght..in my opinion is way too long (about 44 cm) and the adjustable straps don't help :\ it covers part of the belly and it looks a bit weird..I think I'll use a waist belt to solve the problem

I've bought their white bonnet too and I discovered that it's not made by haenuli. They buy it from the taobao shop elpress

Overall: 4.5/5 Beautiful dress with a beautiful print, recommended!

Baroque Abandoned Night velveteen black jsk with back frills

Order: 4.5/5 I've sent my order on the 24/01/2013, got a reply on the 29/01/12 and I've paid in full the 04/02/2013. They didn't send me any confirmation mail after that so I had to ask about it.

Communication: 3.5/5 Before I made the payment they were really helpful but after the payment I've never received any emails from them. Actually there wasn't anything really important that I had to ask during the manufacturing period but I've sent them a couple of emails regarding the custom declaration that have never received a reply, then they didn't send the tracking number so I had to ask for it. Fortunately nothing went wrong but I think they have to work more about their communication

Shipping time and packing: 5/5 They shipped it with EMS and I got it in 5 days, super quick! the dress was well packaged and smells very good, maybe the box was a bit small..

Dress: 3.5/5 The print is so beautiful and dreamy! There aren't print defects at all. I love the back frills

The dress is fully lined. However for the price I've paid (240 usd for the velvet one with back frills) I was expecting a better quality velvet to be honest. I know they said it was made of poly velvet and I'm not an expert on fabrics but this velvet is very very thin,you can in some parts see the white fabric base (where the velvet is attached), and a bit shiny. I'm really afraid to ruin the dress even wearing or touching it :\

example on a sleeve

sleeve inside (the white part is the base velvet fabric)

Apart from that the dress is..HUGE.

I think they sent me the wrong size. I've ordered a M size (their measurements M bust ~92cm waist ~76cm L bust ~98cm waist ~82cm) and the flat measurements are 96-97 cm for the bust and 80 cm for the waist. I've emailed them about it and I'm waiting for their reply. They replied saying that this kind of mistakes happen and they want to refund me 30 usd for customizing it by a seamstress. Now, the dress is 8 cm larger in bust and 12 cm larger in waist for my measurements, the back lacing works awfully and I've heard from a friend of mine that this kind alteration would be expensive, even if I reduce the measurements by a few cm.

A big con in my opinion is the lack of shirring and waist ties. They simply put a lace panel in the back..maybe it's because the size is wrong (still not sure) but it was really difficult to make the dress fit me properly using the panel..and the strings are ridiculously thin. The waist ties would have worked better to tighten the waist

The dress has no tags at all, nor inside or outside
Overall: 3.5/5 The print is gorgeous but the size is wrong

Thanks for looking,if you have further questions do not hesitate to ask :)

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