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Review: Clobbaonline and Lolita Lola RHS (Positive!)

Hi everyone! I'm coming for a review!

So this is going to be about Clobbaonline and the Taobao shop Lolita Lola. As you probably already know, they make RHS replicas. I decided to make a review since the only ones I could find here were pretty old, except one from last December that I apparently missed when I did my search. oO

I got some money for my birthday from my parents and my grandfather and I had been wanting to buy rocking horse shoes for a long time. I decided to go for Lolita Lola since the Bodyline ones were out of stock at that moment (but they just restocked, yay!). The BL RHS have foam soles, that's also one of the reasons that pushed me to go for the Nana ones, which have real wood soles.

I sent an inquiry on Feb 4th to Clobbaonline, with whom I already had an order in progress (a heart-shaped bag in black, from Loris). The agent told me that to combine the shipping, I would need to upgrade it to EMS (I chose tracked airmail for the bag), which would have been 31$ more expensive than it already was. The other option was to send them separately, which would have been 30$. Since it wasn't much of a difference and I didn't know when the bag would be ready, I chose to have them sent separately.

Martin was sooooooo helpful with the sizing, I got confused with the sizing tables and I would've ended up with shoes being two sizes too large if he didn't check with me to make sure. So, in the end, I took size 35, which is made for feet measuring 22.5cm (I know, small feet!). If you want to order, make sure you're looking at the right table (they have one for their Custom House shoes as well on the same page)!

So he completed the order form for me when I confirmed the order on Feb 6th. They've been sent out on Feb 15th (because of CNY holiday) and I got them this Thursday (Feb 28th).

And just because I'm surprised every time I order with Clobba, here you can see that they never mess with your stuff:


So there was a sturdy box wrapped bubble stuff with some plastic almost entirely covered with tape, and inside of it was more bubble wrap and each shoe was inside a mesh bag, with paper tissue inside of it and a straw.

Now, onto the shoes!

There was no actual flaw that I could find on them, in fact they look pretty well-made!


There's some sort of cushion in the sole to prevent their hardness from hurting your feet.


The fit was perfect! The only bad point is that I'll really need to break them in because the opening of the shoe is really tight. That's not a problem though since I have a whole week to wear them at home! Another good thing is that they are made of real leather, while An*tai*na and Bodyline ones are made of PU.

The only other thing is out of the control of the manufacturer and retailer, but the straps are a bit too long for my legs (I'm 5'2"). I'll probably alter them to add a bit more Velcro.

So, that's about it! I'd definitely recommend buying those, they're awesome! Clobbaonline still has size 35 to 38 in stock (US6.5 to 8, 22.5 to 24cm).

Listing page
Lolita Lola on Taobao
Taobao listing
Size chart
Price: 59.95USD + shipping

I plan on buying Bodyline ones at some point so I'll probably make a comparison review when I do!

I hope you appreciated that quick review!
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