Xin (darks_nightsky) wrote in egl,

Lolita Jewelry

Hello! I've been making jewelry of all types for many years now and I was wondering if it could apply to the lolita fashion? Most lolita jewelry I've seen are made of plastic. And while they are certainly cute and I love looking at them, they are not really for me. I'm more of a classic elegance type, old school perhaps? I'm not sure how to put it. I also love metals and intrinsic details.

I've been told that what I make can be part of lolita fashion, but I'd like to ask a larger community's opinion in general. In the photo above, I've collage some of my composite style pieces for your consideration, I like to call my line of composite pieces My Metal Garden, they are mostly barrettes, hair clips, and rings though I have made chokers in the past as well.

Thank you for your thoughts! ^_^
Tags: crafts: help/questions, discussion: misc, discussion: motifs, discussion: styles, garment: accessories, garment: headwear, request: advice, request: information, request: review

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