karahei (karahei) wrote in egl,

Lancashire/North-West (England) Lolitas?


This is kind of a long shot but I was wondering if there are any fellow lolitas in the immediate area of Lancashire (Manchester), England?I have seen a few sweet lolitas in the past at conventions but I've never approached them as I wasn't in lolita at the time, and I have no idea if said lolitas were local. I have attempted to search Facebook to see if there is an existing community, but I'm not able to do an extensive search as I don't actually have a Facebook account (and don't plan to have one in the future either). I've also had a quick look through the list of communities on LJ but I can't seem to find anything- maybe I'm missing it? Anywho, if you're a lolita in the North-West of England please comment below or send me a quick PM- I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading,

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