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Materials used for Stuffed Purses?

So, as Easter is rolling around and my local department stores are getting stocked with rabbits, chickies, sheep, and themed teddy bears, I went hunting for a stuffed animal to convert into a little pouchette large enough to hold my wallet, keys, and other assorted things. I found an ADORABLE rabbit plush with some nice, swirly fur on sale, and it would match IW's Rabbit and Squirrel print marvelously, but these cheap plushies tend to be made with sub-par, cheap materials. I've found a picture of the material used, and I submit it for your approval.

What's a brand animal bag usually made of, and is this material acceptable? I've already had to pass up a unicorn plush for this same project, because it was made with really gross-looking materials. I don't want to have to pass up this bunny bag too. :(

Tags: finds: real life, garment: accessories, request: advice, request: information

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