I like chocolate! :D (chad_bear) wrote in egl,
I like chocolate! :D

Sakura-Con 2013 Lolita Fashion Show - Model Application

For Sakuca-Con 2013, we would like to have a fashion show featuring the local Seattle comm, as well as other comms in the NorthWest and any visiting lolitas.

I'm waiting for confirmation on exact times, but the show will be on Sunday, and on the Main Stage.

If you are interested, please Email me at belle.sayre@gmail.com or PM me the following:

1. Your name as it will appear on your Sakura-Con badge.
2. At least 1 photo of the outfit you would like to present at the fashion show, but you may submit as many as you like! (we may select multiple if scheduling will allow you time to change into a different outfit.)
3. The style(s) you consider your outfit(s) to be and how you made/discovered, or where you bought some of your items or anything special about your outfit you would like in the commentary.

Are you on the fence about whether or not you should apply? Then you should apply! We want YOU!

(We will not post these photos or submissions anywhere. We will use them to select the clearest representations of the fashion and delete them afterwards.)

We are also looking into finding volunteers to do hair and makeup - if you know of a way to help with this, please PM me!

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