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Baroque review - Positive!

Baroque review header

Hello this is my review for Baroque. I ordered the Missing Letter Key and Rabbit JSK in caramel black, along with the matching beret and hairbow accessories. Throughout the transaction, Mana was very good at keeping in touch and keeping me up to date with what was happening. I really was very happy with how quickly she always replied.

I ordered the JSK and the beret on the day reservations opened, on November 7th. I was one of the first to order, so Mana contacted me to let me know I would get a free gift of a fluffy pompom clip. A couple of days later (around the 11th), I decided that I would like the hairbow to go with the dress, as I was beginning to regret not ordering it. I emailed Mana and asked her if there was any available left and she confirmed that there were and invoiced me for that quickly. I was very satisfied with my order now.

Mana kept the facebook page updated about delays and roughly how long it would take for dresses to be made and shipped out. After Christmas, I hadn't recieved my tracking number so I emailed Mana to ask her if she had them yet. She said she was still working through the list of tracking numbers, and sent me my tracking information. There were some issues though, when my order arrived.

My order arrived on December 31st (Mana posted around the 24th) so it did arrive very quickly! But sadly there was some incorrect things with my order. The JSK was exactly correct, but I was accidentally sent the blue beret instead of the red beret and I did not recieve my headbow. I quickly took a picture and got in touch with Mana again, this time via facebook instead of email. She replied within 24hours, appologising for the mistake and sent me out the correct beret and hairbow just 2 days later. I really appreciate her good customer service. The beret and hairbow arrived only 5 days after she told me she had sent them out, which I think is very fast from Korea to UK.

Communication: 5/5
Shipping: 5/5
Construction of dress: 4/5 (it is not outstanding, but it is decent)
Overall: 4.5/5 (slightly lower due to wrong beret being sent, but still 4.5 because Mana fixed it so quickly!)

So, onto some pictures! (I'm sorry the dress looks a bit wonky. It actually isn't, my dressform is really lopsided at the moment)
Baroque Rabbit 01Baroque Rabbit 03
This is the dress without any of the attachments (bows & waistband), which I was surprised to see that the waistband is not attached. As a personal preference, I prefer it with it attached so I might sew it onto the dress, but for girls with a more extensive belt collection, I think it's a great touch as you can change up the look of the dress so easily!

Baroque Rabbit 04
There's a little bit of shirring on the back to help with the fit. I forgot to take a picture, but the straps have buttons right on the back too.

Baroque Rabbit 02
The print is so pretty! It's nice and clear.

Baroque Rabbit 05Baroque Rabbit 06
With the waistband tied on. because it's not sewed on you have to pull the fabric under it to make it neat otherwise you end up with weird pinches like in the picture.

Baroque Rabbit 07Baroque Rabbit 08
This is the bows that attach onto the dress. They're a bit wonky from being squashed during shipping, but you can just pull them to reshape them. They pin through the fabric. The big one is for the waist while the smaller one is for the top of the JSK. In the original design there was a ruffle along the top of the JSK, but it was changed before release and replaced with a cute bow.

Baroque Rabbit 09Baroque Rabbit 10
The bows on the dress, they are pretty cute when I figure out how to put them on straight.

Baroque Rabbit 11Baroque Rabbit 12
The beret! I think it's really nice but it's bigger than my other berets (maybe my head is very small?). It looks overwhelming if I wear it without a wig, but with a wig it looks fine. I love the bow on it!

Baroque Rabbit 13Baroque Rabbit 14
The hairbow! It's quite simple but I like that about it. If you want a big frilly bow, it's probably not for you though. The headband is just a simple headband is quite thin so you can hide it in your hair easily.

Baroque Rabbit extra 1Baroque Rabbit extra 2
And the blue beret, since I might as well show you. It's the same size as the red beret. Seeing it makes me regret not getting the blue OP too but I have to save money so I picked the one I thought I would wear more.

And finally, some worn pictures. The pom poms on my bag are the free gift I got with my order for being an early order.

Thanks for reading! I hope that you found it helpful when ordering with Baroque in the future.

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