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Here's my wardrobe...

I tried to get this in on time and had most of it finished last weekend but then work got in the way.  Onto the post...

So here's my first wardrobe post. I've been wearing lolita for about 2 and a half years now. I started off wearing only sweet but now wear mainly classic - I just can't let go of some of my sweet stuff even though I don't wear it that much any more. I used to only wear skirts (which still make up a lot of my main pieces) as I thought I couldn't fit into any OP's and JSK's after not being able to fit into AP's JSK's properly (damn you long torso!). Then I took a chance and bought an IW JSK about a year ago, found that I was able to wear them quite well and have been hooked ever since! My goal this year is to finally let go of as much of the sweet stuff as possible, although it's going to be tough, and concentrate on building up my dress collection. Also, I want a dress-form! After seeing how lovely other people's clothes look when presented on a dress-form I'm going to have to get one.

Apologies for the quality of some of the photos, I didn't have the best light for some of them.
If you'd like to see the pics in more detail, you can here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mieke_chan/

Overall wardrobe (ignore my collection of sneakers under my AP skirts and some of my work clothes under the blouses). On the left there's blouses (and some non-loli stuff) and skirts hanging and cutsews, cardigans and bolero's above. On the right there's more skirts, dresses and shoes above and below.
Most of my actual wardrobe is taken up with my lolita clothes. My work clothes live in a set of drawers.


Angelic Pretty

Honey Cake, Star Night Theatre, French Cafe, Wonder Cookie, Ribbon Cocktail, Milky Chan (this is the print that made me fall in love with lolita), Wonder Story, Royal Palace (was a JSK which I got for cheap due to the damage to the top part, so I turned it into a skirt).

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Snow White, She is Sleeping, Swan Lake. I love fairy tale themes.

Alice and the Pirates

Treasure Hunt in the Mystic Island, Queen's Coach, Victorian Cards. The Treasure Hunt fabric is so light and silky.

Innocent World

10th Anniversary, Strawberry Animal Fields, Forest Animals in pink and ivory (I love the fabric - it's got a floral pattern woven into it), unknown floral skirt (if you know the name, please tell me), Rabbit Goblin, Forest Harvest Festival, Sweets Teddy Bear, Dwarf Story, Strawberry Rose Garden, Aliesem Royal Parade, Marple Check, Rose Panel, Stained Rose Glass (one of my favourite IW prints).


Lief - Regimental Stripe (such an elegant print, although I'm not too fond of the fabric for this), Baroquepetrock - The Swing (I love this skirt, really well made and I love the painting), Dear Celine, Emily Temple Cute deer print skirt (not sure of the actual name of this one, goes with the ETC fur collar cardigan down further)


I have no names for these. The brown floral one was made from fabric that IW used for their Viennese Rose JSK, the checked skirt and the pink ribbon skirt were inspired by AP designs and you can't see it too well but the black floral one with the large red roses has a ball tassel trim. I'm currently working on a few skirts, a green Carouskel print skirt which I'm going to make a matching vest for, a grey floral skirt and a blue floral skirt.


Innocent World

Dot Shantung, Charles Crown, Stripe Jacquard Bustle, Ancathus, Clanbert, Round Collar A-line, Chiffon Rose Stripe, Rose Stained Glass, Antique Book, Arabesque Rose, Rococco Rose green and pink, lucky pack JSK, Lauretta Rose, Romantic Rose, Theresia Rose. Lauretta Rose was the first IW JSK I bought and I wore it to the graduation from my master's degree this year. It started my love of IW JSK's!

Alice and the Pirates

Trick Hat, Prick Heart in ivory and black, End of Immortal Eden, Time of the Roses. The Trick Hat JSK's are so comfy and easy to wear and the Time of the Roses OP is so pretty.


Juliette et Justine - Cadre du Chat, Lady Sloth - Silk Cherubins, Metamorphose - square yoke OP, Baroque - Pearl Drops, Lief - Sacred Night and new Haenuli, Stained Glass. I love the JetJ JSK because of the cats. When that was first shown I knew I had to have it. It's cats. The Silk Cherubins JSK is so beautiful to wear and really well made. I love the print of the Baroque JSK but it's got a few constructions issues, although when it's on you can't notice them. The Lief JSK is a new addition and due to the hot weather we've had since it arrived I haven't even wanted to try it on! Had to update the post with my new JSK!

Other stuff


Top left: all offbrand except for the IW one on the right. Top right: handmade, handmade (one of my favourite blouses), offbrand x 3.
Bottom left: top brown is Merry Berry Jelly, the navy one one the right is IW, rest are offbrand. Bottom right: AP, AP, AP, R-series, offbrand. The black ones didn't come up too well :/
The AP ones are: Bustier Style Ribbon Blouse http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/angelic-pretty/type/blouse/item/94/, Elegant Blouse (dyed black)
http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/angelic-pretty/type/blouse/item/22/ and unknown, but kind of looks like this without the jewels on the tie and has 2 bow ties down the front http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/angelic-pretty/type/blouse/item/207/

Boleros, cutsews and cardigans

Left (L to R) - AatP, IW, AatP. Middle, top row - AP, AP, offbrand, offbrand, AP. Middle - bottom row - offbrand, offbrand (red and blue), ETC, AP. Right - handmade, HMHM, handmade, IW. I love AatP's Aran boleros. They are so warm, cute and cosy. Perfect to snuggle up in!


IW Lotta jacket, BtSSB, handmade.

Head stuff

A mix of AP, IW, BtSSB, AatP, offbrand (if you want to know the brand or name of a specific one, just ask)


IW, Loris and offbrand (if you want to know the brand or name of a specific one, just ask)


Top left - all IW except for the last pair on the right which are AP. Top middle: IW, IW, AP, IW, IW, AP, IW, BtSSB, Meta, IW. Top right: AatP, IW x 4, AatP, IW x 4.
Bottom left: AatP x 3, BtSSB, AP x 7. Bottom right: all AP except for the black with blue bows which are Meta.
I love socks!!


Left - all offbrand on the left except for the brown boots which are Bodyline and the pale pink mary janes in the front row which are IW. Right - Secret Shop and Bodyline.
I love high heels but can't wear them for long periods of time unless I want to be in a lot of pain the next day. Most of my shoes have low or no heels.

Waiting on

IW Alencon long JSK (and some more socks!), Haenuli's Stained Glass (arrived!), IW Theresia Rose and Rose Panel and AatP's Bride of Death JSK and headdress.

And that's it! I didn't take pictures of my offbrand socks, or any of my tights and I forgot to take pics of the detachable bows that some of the skirts and JSKs have. I also didn't take pictures of any of my jewellery as it's fairly simple classic style pendants and some sweet style jewellery. I hope you enjoyed looking at my wardrobe. I'm pretty happy with where it is at the moment. A special thanks has to go to my cats (below) who were so helpful at every stage of this exercise. They thought it was great fun to jump all over my clothes as I was taking pictures, to try and climb into my wardrobe as soon as my back was turned and to so helpfully mess up the clean sheets that I had on the floor to put my clothes on! Thank you my dears :)
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