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A college students wardrobe.

Hello! this is my wardrobe,ive been into lolita for a while,and have some old old old bodyline and ebay stuff from my high school days,however i keep them locked away in a storage bin,so almost everything here is what i have collected since 2010 exept for some pieces i still like a lot.
i live in a tiny room at the moment so i dont have a lot of space for a big wardrobe, so i have to sell stuff often just to make space ;_; .
if youd like to see how i coordinate everything ,please visit my tumblr :


Ap, and Btssb (im really into old school)

bodyline,angelic pretty


all angelic pretty.


All bodyline 

My only salopette

Angelic pretty.


Moss marchen, Btssb,Metamorphose.

All bodyline.

Hats and another bodyline jsk.

offbrand(topshop mostly) ap,btssb,bodyline and hnaoto.and my rilakkuma headphones for blocking out strangers on the subway lol.

blouses cardigans and cutsews:

Forever21,bodyline,bobon21(taobao),annahouse and offbrand.

bodyline,AP,bodyline,forever21,knitandco and taobao.

offbrand cardigans in various colors mostly from forever21 and taobao and bodyline boleros.

bags :

qpot,taobao,ap,vw replica from taobao,urban outfitters,bodyline,lizlisa, baby and sanrio.

Muchacha cat bags! im so thankful to have a kinokuniya in my city.


fake glasses,clip in earings (i dont have any piercings haha) ,fake nails and falises. i collect false eyelashes.

hi i am an accessory hoarder.even my phone is pink to match my coords lol (can you spot it?)


a few are in the wash right now sadly but here are the ones that currently in my drawer.
ebay(x4)drugstore,uniqlo,sockdreams(x4)<--they are so comfy,taobao,offbrand
taobao,f21,ebay,taobao,f21,taobao,taobao,ebay,f21(x3) and angelic pretty gloria tights.
angelic pretty,angelicpretty,secret shop (x4),meta,bodyline(x4) and 2 pair of celeste stein otks.
sockdreams,offbrand (x2) taobao,bodyline,taobao offbrand(x2) blackmilk (i have 2 pairs in the wash right now) and forever 21 (x3)


Bodyline(these are my first and oldest pair,i need to throw them out they are so beaten up,but sentimental value lol),doc martens (also from my high school loli years) ,offbrand,unif,offbrand and urban outfitters.
vw,offbrand,TUK,taobao,taobao vw replicas and doc martens.
bodyline,bodyline,aitaina,seasons,bodyline and forever21.


i didnt include any wigs/my makeup/ general jfashion clothing.but if youd like to see what else i have i might be making a post to my tumblr sometime soon so keep an eye out if youd like! thank you (:

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