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So, I wasn’t going to make a wardrobe post, but as I scrolled through all the latest posts, I ended up looking for my first and only wardrobe post , which I made back two years ago. I began collecting Lolita seriously in 2009, so between then and now, my old wardrobe post sort of marks my halfway point.
I thought it would be wonderful to look back again, and see where I was in 2013. It’s so much fun to see how my taste has changed and how I have grown as a person, and oddly enough, my closet represents that.

Dresses & Skirts

Let’s start with motifs! First up, books. I am obsessed with book prints!
Royal Library and Antique Book
Royal Library Corset JSK | Antique Book JSK

I recently moved and have misplaced the belt…I am sure I will find it tomorrow, that’s just my luck!
Alice Black Cat and Wonder Story
[Cute Meowing Friend] Alice and Her Black Cat JSK I | Wonder Story Round JSK

 Snow Field Library and Handmade
The Snow Field Library Skirt | Handmade JSK (made by miscy & me)

STC Books ETC Fairy Tales
Shirley Temple Cute books pattern skirt | Emily Temple Cute Fairy Tale Frames JSK

Dwarf Story
IW Dwarf Story Skirt, pictured with American Eagle capelet (used frequently with my outfits!)

Now for blue roses! My favorite flowers, regardless of reality.

Fleur Antoinette
Fleur Antoinette OP

Rose Garden and Rose Stripe
Rose Garden JSK | Rose Bouquet Stripe Frill JSK

Stained Glass and Gertrude
Rose Stained Glass JSK | Gertrude JSK

Plain and Roses
L123 JSK | High waisted rose skirt

I also love strawberries!

Strawberry Gingham Sweet Gingham
Strawberry Gingham JSK | Sweet Gingham Border JSK

Strawberry Gobelin Series
Emily Temple Cute Strawberry Gobelin series; Coat, JSK, and Handbag

Star-themed (well, I bought Star Money for the books haha)

Star Money Horoscope
Star Money OP | Horoscope Underbust JSK

Other stuff

St Claire
Saint Claire OP

Ekaterina Corduroy OP

Little Rose Rococo Braid
Little Rose OP | Rococo Braid JSK
It’s honestly difficult owning anything black since I have 2 white cats…please ignore all the fuzz, blah.

Rinks Marple
Rinks OP | Marple Check OP

Little Lady Antique Pansy
Little Lady JSK | Antique Pansy OP

Alphabet Espandy
Alphabet Rose Maxi JSK | Espandy JSK

Oyoba Classic Regiment
Oyoba Party OP | Classical Regiment JSK

Sailor Millefeuille
Crown Pattern Sailor OP | Millefeuille JSK

Gardenberries Kidsyoyo
Lief Gardenberries Skirt | Kidsyoyo JSK

Lovely Cat Handmade
Melody Cat Skirt | Handmade Batman Skirt


VM and BJ
Victorian Maiden Coat with Capelet | Check out the bustle on the Betsey Johnson jacket!


White Ofw Boleros
Offbrand, Offbrand, Innocent World, h.Naoto Frill

Innocent World, Emily Temple Cute, Baby the Stars Shine Bright


White Ofw Blouses
Offbrand, Offbrand, Innocent World x3

Pink Blouses
Forever21, Forever21, Innocent World

Black Blouses
Taobao, Innocent World


hnaoto cutsews
Mint Neko cardigan, h.Naoto Frill Bunny cutsew OP

White Ofw Cutsews
Vera Wang, Taobao, Innocent World x3

Red Pink Cutsews
Juliette et Justine, Emily Temple Cute, Innocent World x2

Green Blue Cutsews
Emily Temple Cute, Ralph Lauren (actually a forest green), Innocent World


Suddenly it got dark outside and the photos turned out weird. ;A;

Socks Rainbow
Innocent World x10, BtSSB, Angelic Pretty

Hair Accessories

Head Bows
Head Bows, Innocent World, Angelic Pretty, miscy, belovedwolf

Rose clips from Innocent World, Mary Magdalene, H&M, f21…and an IW parasol, hehe


My brand-related accessories.


These are most of the heels I wear with my outfits…I didn’t want to ruin the picture with my random boots so I opted not to capture those. I have too many damn shoes.

Sooo it’s quite evident that towards the end of my photos the sun had set, but I tried my best. :D I hope you enjoyed combing through my post!

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