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Elerronyar's 2013 Wardrobe~ In with 2 and a half hours to spare (CNT :P)!

I've been wearing lolita since 2006. I've had a collection since then that I've cycled through extensively until I finally landed on these items. After tons of sweet, some classic, and a few years I found that I adored and looked best in gothic and classic. I really wish I would have kept tabs better on what I did own, but a few years back wardrobe posts weren't a common thing.  I'm not a big print person anymore, so since the last wardrobe post I've sold quite a few prints, but have gained a few nice solids.  My love for sweet is still around (I can't help it- I make cupcakes still for Paradise Rose Shop so pastels are still close to my heart :P) so I use boleros and blouses to throw in a splash of color to create bittersweet coords whenever I'm feeling a little more adventurous.  
This past year was definitely challenging as I wanted to downsize on the dresses and get more accessories to compliment what I wanted to keep. I did get rid of quite a few things but I also gained some new ones. I'm at a pretty happy point now with the items that I'm waiting on included, so I'm not sure if my wardrobe will change much over the next year. It's time to focus all monetary costs in other parts of life, as I will be moving to San Francisco this year!  It's hard though I'll have to admit, being both tall and more "plus sized." I used to be 34" bust once upon a time but now due to medical issues I'm 40" bust with a long torso and at almost 5'10" with long arms it's VERY difficult to find things that look flattering. But I have succeeded in creating a wardrobe that works with my figure rather well. I hope you enjoy it! 
I decided this year to feature my wardrobe simply instead of creatively in coordinates like last year. Simple is best for me this year ^_^

For those curious, here is my wardrobe post .
2012 Wardrobe
2011 Wardrobe
2009 Wardrobe

I recently moved back to my home in the Chicago suburbs, so the way I stored my wardrobe changed. My mother was AMAZING and converted a corner reading nook in my old study into a warobe for my lolita. I now store almost everything here among 1 rod, bookcase, and a few shelves. The room is also both a den and a guest bedroom with a sofa bed and tv/PS3 XD. Technically it stores some of my old stuff (instruments, American Girl Dolls, books) too! It's a little bit reminiscent of Japan in that a tiny room can be converted into multiple things.  


So, onto the wardrobe- 
Here we go!

One Pieces

Haenuli Sleeping Beauty (2012) and Chantilly Chantillic Shirring OP (2010)
I'm a huge fan of both and hope to own many prints in the future. Haenuli was kind enough to let me have a larger size for sleeping beauty. It is so beautifully well made. Chantilly of course is wonderful as always. It's a fun OP to coordinate together with a blouse especially 

Old school Metamorphose Dress (pre 2007)
Meta is a huge favorite of mine, especially the solids and florals. 

Juliette et Justine (pre 2008)
I left this kid behind in SF hence the different background XD

While not lolita, I did want to share these jewels. I'm not much of a raver but I adore kimono and Takuya Angel's haori concept was pretty amazing to me. I scored the haori, and then when someone was selling the matching hakama pants, I jumped on it.  I've been trying to sell the haori but I think I may keep it. The piece is just amazing.


Both Innocent World <3 Unknown name- can anyone help me find the name for this? (2007?) and Rococo Rose (2009)
I do not currently fit into the piece on the left but it is my goal to shrink down to that size once again. If I am unable then I will get it resized. I love it too much to part with it. The dress on the right is a halter style and fits rather well! 

Both AatP. Stained Angel Print JSK (2009) and A Midsummer Night's Dream (2010)
These are the easiest to modify in my opinion. I had both modified by a seamstress by adding a panel in back as I don't ever plan to sell these. They are my main jewels in my collection!

BtssB Ribbon Scalloped JSK (2009) and Metamorphose (2009 or 2010)
I lucked out with the BtssB dress- it was on sale in Nagoya's BtssB NOVA store in the L size back when Baby offered those sizes that they should really consider offering again. The dress on the right is from a Meta LP. I bought quite a few back in the day and cycled through those XDDDD

Kidsyoyo AatP replica dress (2010) and h.naoto Frill (2011)
The Kidsyoyo dress is actually my only replica now from the well known AatP cut dress. I could not find an easy way to alter the original so I jumped on this when it was available a few years ago. The h.naoto Frill dress, though short, is very flattering due to the waist line. Works well paired with my h.naoto skirt as it continues the screenprinted flow (the velvet of this dress is divided by panels of screenprinted cotton).

Surface Spell Cathedral Gothic Underbust (2011)
I also left this kid back in SF XD I thought underbust wasn't flattering on larger busts but decided to try it anyway and am very glad I did! As long as it is paired with a black blouse it's very fun to wear!

Not quite lolita but I like to wear them with some lolita things once in while. Both h.Naoto. Left is pre 2010, right is 2011.
I bought the left one for cheap in Nagoya and the right one I won in a fashion contest at h.naoto's SF Christmas party in 2011! 

Handmade by me (2012) and Mossbadger lchemy JSK (2012)
The handmade one looks awful hanging from a hanger so I broke out my crap-tastic dressform (crap-tastic as in works wonderfully as an adjustable dressform for sewing but looks not-so-swift) to show it with a petti underneath. When worn, this guy needs two! I made it so full. Apologies as it's bustle has not been ironed. Pattern was screenprinted by mind0vermatter, bodice was modified from an American pattern and skirt section was self drafted. 
The Mossbadger is a one of a kind Alchemy dress featured at ACen 2012's Indie Fashion show! The designer screenprinted the pattern on by hand and appliqued the book onto the dress. 

A better pic of the bustle/shape.

Mossbadger mblem JSK (2011) and Angelic Pretty Night Sky Regimental (2012)
The Mossbadger dress was featured in ACen's Fashion Show in 2011. The emblems are screenprinted appliques that the designer added on herself! 
I adore this AP dress in so many ways and just had to have it. One of my best purchases of 2012!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Pocket Embroidery JSK (2010) and Surface Spell Gothic Judgement Day (2012)
The BtssB dress is another size L dress I scored. It fits like a glove. The Surface Spell was made custom sized hene the length. I love my dresses to be longer! 

Both Metamorphose. Gardening Teddy Pinafore JSK (2010) and floral, unknown name (2010)
I saw both of these when I was in Japan last in 2010. I fell in love with the one on the right and purchased it right away at Marui One in Tokyo. The shop girls were so excited for me, so this holds a special place in my heart :P It's so comfortable to wear and can be doubled as mori girl (a fashion I like to wear when not in lolita). I saw the dress on the left when I was in Japan but did not purchase it then for whatever reason so I snagged it off of Meta's rakuten site when I returned. I adored the juxtaposition of florals with teddy bears. You can't tell from further away that they are teddy bears, but when you look up close you can see them. 

Dear Celine Blue Rose Summer JSK (2009) and Ick by Industrialkitty 2011)
have had bad luck with Dear Celine and their JSK custom sizing in the past but this one fit so well. It's a perfect spring dress. The dress by Ick is one of my absolute favorites. I was in Japan with the designer in 2010 and saw her purchasing the fabric. I really wanted something made in it and was lucky enough to commission a dress from her in this fabric. I also got detachable bows, a double sidebow headband and tote bag with this dress (not pictured)

Lady Sloth frican Midnight (2012) and Handmade by me (one of my better pieces XD)
Giraffes, what can I say? And for my handmade dress- while the panel in the middle looks awkward, let me assure it works decently with a long torso. XD  I made it a few years ago. Again, not a professional seamstress by any means so there are errors. I've never had any professional education on sewing. I just sew for fun whenever I have time (though I rarely do anymore). 

While these are not jumperskirts, they are shaped as such so I included them here. Lolita Nightgowns! 
First one is by Ick by Industrialkitty. It's so cozy, has flannel at the straps and bodice. Came with bloomers and an elastic headband. 
2nd one is from BtssB! 

Handmade by me. I'm by no means a seamstress, but I have fun making some simple things whenever I can. None of these have a petticoat under them as a warning. Left one is a take on Meta's Apple print in corduroy but the bodice is all screwed up so I need to redo it. Second one has so many screw ups but it was an experiment in a different style of dress. Lace is tea-dyed.  

Also handmade by me, neither have pettis XD
Right one was created using a gosu-rori pattern. Apologies, most of my handmade has been in a bin so they are pretty wrinkled >___<

Also handmade by me. Not quite jsks though. First one is a skirt/cutsew combo created for an event at my undergrad uni. Second is a top/skirt combo. Really love this one. Again, no pettis, apologies.


Lief Royal Ornament Regimental Stripes Skirt (2010) and Handmade (2009)
I was happy to score the Lief skirt this past year from a friend. The right skirt was handmade by me a few years ago. Fabric is printed b mind0vermatter

Chess Story Marriage D'Amour (2012) and Baby the Stars Shine Bright Clockwork Tea Party (2011)
The Chess Story skirt was a bit of an impulse buy but it was worth it. It has a lot of similarities in style to the Midsummer Night Dream AatP print, hence why I like it. Very well made. The BtssB skirt was a present from my mother, paired with matching accessories from the print from the boyfriend! 

Lady Sloth lock Skirt (2011) and h.Naoto Frill (pre 2007)
I've worn the Lady Sloth skirt to death, purchased back before she created her facebook page! Same with the frill skirt- purchased in Nagoya the first time I was there and worn with EVERYTHING. My favorite skirt! 

Bodyline (2009) and BtssB Karami Sk (2007)
The Bodyline skirt is actually from a set from a few years ago but I now use it as an underskirt. I was collecting Karami skirts from BtssB but have since sold my other ones to my friends. Keeping this one though as it makes an excellent underskirt, and is very comfortable to wear for casual coordinates!

F+F (2007) + Offbrand
The F+F bustle skirt was one of the first things I ever bought. It's seen a lot of love. The long offbrand skirt is part of a wa-loli set I still own, but the other pieces are hiding somewhere in my house XD See the set here!  The set was purchased from a Y!J auction seller that specialized in longer and versatile wa-loli sets. The set can be coordinated a few ways! 

Both Atelier Boz (pre-2007)
Can you tell I like doing aristocratic or gothic sometimes? These skirts are so much fun to layer up sometimes.

h.Naoto Gramm (2011) and Metamorphose (pre 2007)
I wear these everywhere. More aristocratic than lolita though. Very VERY comfortable. 

Cage Skirt handmade by Kinki Kitty! (2012)
Really well made, can resist a lot of wear and tear. She did an excellent job creating this! I hope to wear it soon :) 

I have a few petticoats, but the ones I wear the most are h.naoto Frill (2011?). They survive the most wear and tear and hold up better than Malco Mode. The plus side is that they double up as skirts if you want to do ero (though I'm waiting to shrink before I pull that stunt :P)

h.Naoto Frill (2007)
This has been worn over and over and cleaned so many times it's not even funny. It's held it's shape since 2007 and still going strong. I really recommend h.naoto pettis as long lasting pieces for their collection!

First skirt I ever made, stupidly on Christmas Eve for Christmas day XDDD Self drafted trapezoidal pattern with no sewing experience other than a headbow. Came out pretty well though. No petticoat, apologies XD

Blouses and Cutsews

All Dear Celine
I went a bit on a blouse kick this past year. Dear Celine is notoriously good for custom sized blouses, and with a long torso, long arms, wide shoulders (16"....), and large bust (all the bane of a lolita's existence....) this was definitely appreciated. I actually got these to wear with slacks, since I really wanted to wear some frilly things outside of lolita and mori girl, but I've been using these more in lolita than out :DDDDDD 

Dear Celine
For a little bit of sweet splash!

More Dear Celine
Bell sleeves for the win, what can I say? 

Surface Spell
Nice, elegant and simple. Really went on a blouse kick this past year...

Akane & Alois, Infanta (back when they still did custom size), Silversark

Dear Celine and Surface Spell
Brown and antique white for my classical coordinates!

Atelier Boz
Now this thing doesn't fit me at all (and has bene in storage hence the MASSIVE amount of wrinkles) but it's an absolutely beloved piece. Any seamstresses: do you have any suggestions on how to resize this piece? 

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
My first lolita blouse and it's still going strong! Another piece I've worn so much

Anna House 

Handmade by friend, Dear Celine, Dear Celine

Qutie Frash (paired with h.Naoto Frill petti)
Not quite lolita but I've worn it in some loli coords. Comes with corset piece and obi-esque belt. Kimono sleeves. Love this thing so much.

R-Series, Dear Celine, BtssB

Angelic Pretty x Kokusyoku Sumire, Metamorphose, Putumayo
All fun for casual coords!

All h.Naoto!

Dream Princess and Ick by Industrialkitty

Dear Celine and Classical Puppets
Not quite blouses or cutsews, but fun tops to pair up with lolita!

Boleros, Cardigans, and Others

Putumayo and h.Naoto

Offbrand and BtssB

Mary Magdalene and BtssB

Dear Celine

Angelic Pretty and Hello Cavities

Coats and Jackets

My SF Capelet! by Angelic Pretty. Dolly Solid Capelet (2010). It's the perfect item I have that keeps me warm in SF, so I keep it there (yes there's a lot of things in SF- my boyfriend lives there!). This also comes with a fur collar and fur tribbles.

Chicago coat. Because it's friggin freezing here far too often. By Rose Melody (Winter 2009/2010). Capelet is detachable (with fur tribbles) and there's also a pink collar with this and a belt. The inside is lined with fur/fleece for extra warmth. The gloves are by Angelic Pretty.

A gem in my collection- Atelier Boz cape (approx 2003). A rare find from Harajuku's Closet Child back in 2007.

Qutie Frash Capelet (2010)

Black Peace Now Jacket (pre 2007)
Another gem in my collection

Hair Accessories and Hats

Triple Fortune Bonnet
The goldmine! lovelovelovelovelove this piece.

Beret collection! Black and beige berets are from Curvy's on Rakuten, brown knit is offbrand, and the the three on the right are hand felted b bucktick

Kidsyoyo <3

I went on a bit of a hat and hair accessory kick this past year as well. 
Three on the left are from Fox Cherry, the one with the ribbon on the right is from Yolanda.

AatP Pirate Hat and Fox Cherry Top Hat

Left to right: Fox Cherry, Swimmer, Curvy's, Curvy's. Front mini one is also Curvy's

Both Fox Cherry. The one on the left is worn like a bonnet

Offbrand alpaca and MintyMix

All Fox Cherry

Three are from BtssB and one is from AatP (one with roses and feather)

Left to right: Rococo Soul, Fox Cherry, Lockshop, Ick by Industrialkitty

Just got this in! Gorgeous HUGE bow by The Royal Rabbit

Also just got this in- Opera in Paris Headdress and free gift by Sweet Mildred

All offbrand (F21, H&M and other)

Back row left to right: AP, Rococo Soul, Offbrand, Offbrand
Front row: BtssB, Offbrand

All Paradise Rose Shop

Back row left to right: Chubby Bunny, Betsey Johnson, Ick by Industrialkitty, Kidsyoyo
Front row left to right: Paradise Rose Shop, Liz Lisa, Liz Lisa, Offbrand, Offbrand

Classic hair goods- from Surface Spell, Rococo Soul, Liz Lisa, Il Sangue, Paradise Rose Shop
If you would like to know more info on a specific item, just let me know

Gothic hair goods- from AP, BtssB, AatP, Chocomint, Fox Cherry, Innocent World, Paradise Rose Shop

Offbrand, Surface Spell, and Paradise Rose Shop

Offbrand, Paradise Rose Shop, Rococo Soul and Fox Cherry

The gems of my hair accessories- Paradise Rose Shop crowns


Left to right:
Paradise Rose Shop, Automatic Honey, Paradise Rose Shop, Offbrand, Offbrand, Ophanim, Ophanim, Offbrand, Betsey Johnson (last four)

Left to right:
Angelic Pretty, Ribbon Holic, Ribbon Holic, Putumayo, Putumayo, Metamorphose, Metamorphose, Metamorphose, BtssB

Choker with clear crystals BtssB x Nana Collab
Cream rose choker- Il Sangue
Black choker- Surface Spell
Old school lace headdress (forgot to include it above!)- Paradise Rose Shop

All BtssB, presents from my boyfriend :)

My sweet goods, from Paradise Rose Shop, Tasty Peach Studios, Cute Plush, Mossbadger and Swimmer

Various jewelry! Cupcake rings, cupcake necklaces, and cabocohon rings from Paradise Rose Shop. Other rings include AatP, Ozz ON, Betsey Johson, Angelic Pretty, Dream Princess. Brooches by Ophanim nd offbrand

Some things I forgot! 
Stars by Bonjour Honey, Cabochon rings and penguin cupcake from Paradise Rose Shop, bat ring from Cute Can Kill, gunmetal watch from Putumayo, black leather flower bracelet offbrand, butterfly ring and mirror necklace offbrand, bat eyepatch from Suppurate System

Wrist Cuffs, Collars, and Corsets

BtssB, AP, h.naoto Frill

Ozz On

BPN, Innocent World, Offbrand

Brown shrug is from Kinki Kitty, corset with silver clasps is from Excentrique, corset at bottom right is from Classical Puppets. Rest offbrand.


My huge multitude of bags. 
The big pink alpaca is just hanging out. The white bunny bears are all from BtssB, Unicorn purse from Pink Macaroon, two alpaca purses are Arpakasso, and a BtssB bunny bear puppet. 
Next "row" Innocent World book purse, Metamorphose pochette, h.naoto pochette, h.naoto purse, Metamorphose Purse.
Next is the AP biscuit purse, Gouk mori-esque purse, Liz Lisa straw purse, and far too many Meta LP tote bags. 
Kimono print school bag is from Gouk, Brown lace/mori purse is from Ozz on. The totes in front are gouk, h.naoto, LIz LIsa and bling bag from Metamorphose.

I forgot my Shuu-chan in that group picture XD My huge black bunny bear from BtssB


All AP. I don't really wear these with lolita I wear them for fun whenever I can.

AatP (I also have a pair in black but they are mia currently), IW, IW, IW, Metamorphose, Metamorphose

All Secret Shop tights-turned-OTKs. Those tights are so tiny but they work wonderfully as OTKs, so I bought a bunch a few years back and finally turned them into OTKs this past year. 

More interesting tights. I usually wear solids, or I have some nice printed black ones but I forgot to take a photo of those XD


Shoes are so hard to find in my size (27cm, US 11) so I got some whenever I could. 
Classical lolita shoes~
Back left to right: Dr. Martens, Montreal (foam), offbrand, offbrand
Front both Bodyline

Sweeter shoes~
Bodyline and An*tai*na

Lolita Lola (wood!), Montreal (foam), Dr. Martens, An*tai*na
Front two pairs from Bodyline

Jeffrey Campbell Litas, which I do enjoy to wear with lolita even though these make me an Amazonian lolita dino with their huge heels and my already almost 5'10" height XD

So when Clobba offered secret shop tea parties in large sizes, I JUMPED on that and bought colors I would enjoy. The best plan ever- they are so ridiculously comfortable and surprisingly don't make my feet look large (as the ant*ai*na tea parties do). I even own two pairs of black since I wear black a lot. Perfect shoes when I want something lolita but don't want to wear heals or we're walking a lot for a meetup. I'll even wear them with jeans. 

I just got these in the other day, purchased from DSW! Love love love!!!

Just came in- Secret Shop Victorian Maiden replicas in wine! SO happy with these :)

Other Goodies

Winter goods (along with the AP gloves already pictured).
Earmuffs from BtssB and Elegy. Scarf from Metamorphose.

My SF bright parasol from AP

My new SF Pagoda parasol from BtssB

My Chicago BtssB Parasol <3

My Chicago AatP cream parasol and huuuuuuugggeee Lladro parasol

Waiting On

I've fallen in love with Haenuli, what can I say. This stained glass print is an absolute beauty, and I was lucky enough to order the skirt before she closed orders for them.

Haeunli Dreaming Cinderella <3

Krad Lanrete

Metamorphose old school floral OP

Angelic Pretty old school OP

An adorable three tiered IW-Style old school JSK from Ick by Industrialkitty in this fabric! I might be getting the bordeaux version of this too! 

Three tiered skirt in this fabric from Ick by Industrialkitty

Shrug from Restyle.pl. We'll see what the quality is on this guy! I've been having such bad luck finding a fur shrug until a few days ago XD

Fawn collar from Taobao

Tights from Ophanim! 

This kawaii alpaca thanks you for taking the time to look :P 

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  • Unreleased Items You Wish Were Released?

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