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Christina Rossini

~Wardrobe Post (and video)~

(Banner made by my wonderful sister)

This is my second year running making a wardrobe post, I really hope you enjoy it.

Here's the wardrobe video I made per request by youtube user OMGberry:

~ JSKs and OPs ~

Handmade ~ Innocent World London Bear ~ Handmade IW replica

Handmade ~ Innocent World Rabbit Letter ~ Innocent World Grazia Crown

Handmade not by me ~ Innocent World Museum Bear ~ BTSSB Frill Maiden/Doll Heroine

Innocent World Night Bear

BTSSB Dessert OP (which I've been trying to sell forever) ~ BTSSB special edition Milk Tea ~ BTSSB My Favorite Things

BTSSB Twinkle Constellation ~ Angelic Pretty unknown (waiting for my friend to come pick it up) ~ Angelic Pretty Honey Cake

BTSSB Kumya-chan ~ BTSSB Alice Portrait ~ Wonder Party replica


Vintage ~ Innocent World Strawberry Gingham ~ Handmade

Handmade ~ Angelic Pretty Jewel Ribbon ~ Metamorphose unknown

~Blouses and Cutsews and Things~

Upper row:
Chess Story (detachable princess sleeves not shown) ~ Innocent World ~ BTSSB ~ Chess Story (detachable princess sleeves not shown)
Bottom row:
Angelic Pretty ~ BTSSB (detachable sleeves not shown) ~ Angelic Pretty ~ BTSSB (detachable sleeves not shown)

BTSSB unknown ~ BTSSB ~ DreamV

Angelic Pretty Chiffon Ribbon ~ DreamV ~ Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream (been trying to sell forever) ~ Angelic Pretty Sugar Hearts ~ offbrand

BTSSB unknown


Kidsyoyo ~ Betsey Johnson rider jacket ~ Angelic Pretty unknown

BTSSB ~ Angelic Pretty


Innocent World ~ offbrand ~ Innocent World Museum Bear ~ Metamorphose ~ Innocent World Chocolate Teddy ~ Innocent World Origa~ offbrand

Top row:
Angelic Pretty Honey cake ~ Angelic Pretty Wonder Party ~ Angelic Pretty ~ BTSSB Twinkle Constellation ~ Angelic Pretty ~ Angelic Pretty Jewel Ribbon
Bottom row:
offbrand ~ BTSSB ~ Angelic Pretty Constellation

(I do have more tights I use with lolita but I keep those with my normal socks)


Top row:
Season replia ~ Secret Shop ~ BTSSB Candy Dot ~ Season replica
Bottom Row:
Season replica ~ Season replica ~ Secret Shop

BTSSB unknown

(I do have more shoes I use with lolita but I keep those with my normal shoes)

~Accessories and Bags and Parasols~

all offbrand except:
Innocent World Hair Bow clips ~ Cafe V brooch

First column:
handmade ~ Innocent World Grazia Crown ~ Angelic Pretty ~ Angelic Pretty
Second Column:
Wonder Party replica ~ offbrand ~ Angelic Pretty Jewel Ribbon ~ Angelic Pretty
Third Column:
BTSSB Twinkle Constellation ~ BTSSB Alice Portrait ~ BTSSB ~ Angelic Pretty Happy Garden
Derp pile:
offbrand ~ BTSSB ~ Angelic PRetty

Innocent World bear pochette ~ BTSSB

Clair Beauty ~ Gothic Lolita Wigs
Swimmer replica ~ Angelic Pretty

offbrand ~ BTSSB ~ offbrand

~In the mail~

BTSSB blouse (I can't get it un-upsidedown D': ) ~ AatP Empress Who Loved Death ~ AatP Empress Who Loved Death


~Last but not least, here's what my wardrobe looks like~


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