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Robin's Wardrobe For 2013

Hi everyone! This is my first post here, so here's a short intro~
I'm Robin, a 23-year-old Swedish dude who's been interested in lolita for a couple of years. After lurking around for a year or so I started building my own loli wardrobe in late 2010. Lolita isn't my everyday style (I dress in way too many random styles...), but I feel comfortable in it and want to start wearing it more frequently this year :3
If you're interested you can see more of my wardrobe on my Poupée
I also have a tumblr

This post won't show any of my blouses, because I failed miserably at getting good pictures of them <_< Actually, most of my photos are pretty bad, sorry about that! The light in my room is terrible during the winter :c Anyway, on to the clothes~~


AP - Jewelry Jelly | ETC - Tea and Cake(?)
Jewelry Jelly was one of the first dresses I really fell for!

Metamorphose - Twinkle Journey | AatP - Beauty and the Rose Promise
Two of my favourite dresses ever ;u;

AatP - Rose Marine | BtSSB - The World's Most Adorable Dog and the World's Most Delicious Frappe
I do have the front bow for Rose Marine, I just forgot to attach it for the photo D:

Metamorphose - Cat Print | Metamorphose - Honey Picnic

AP - Cat's Tea Party | AP - Carnival
I guess these are the "crown jewels" of my wardrobe. I love them both <3

Metamorphose coatdress | AP - Odekake Chocolat-chan
Chocolat-chan is another of my absolute favourites *w*

IW - Classical Chair (long JSK + cape) | Offbrand
The purple OP is my mum's old Laura Ashley dress, which I stole as soon as I saw it... I think it's gorgeous!

ETC Umbrella Print | Metamorphose Pintuck OP

AatP - Jewelry | MILK
The MILK dress isn't really lolita, but I love it so crazy much I just had to include it anyway...

ETC - "Radioactive Poodles" x2
Yeah this is another favourite, I intend to get the black version as well eventually >:3

MAM - Miracle Bunny | AP - POP Check

BtSSB - Original Tartan | Metamorphose
If anyone knows the Meta JSK's name, please tell me ;-;

BtSSB - Border Print | h.Naoto FRILL

Surface Spell | h.Naoto FRILL
The Surface Spell JSK is supposed to have detachable bows at the chest, but the pins broke on both D8 You'll see them later in this post~

Bodyline x3

AP replica, unknown
I don't support replicas, but I couldn't resist yellow Milky-chan ;n; Hypocrisy <3 I have no idea where the white JSK is from. It looks quite hideous in the photo, but it's so cute on!


BtSSB - Creamy Soda Pop | Metamorphose - Perfume Bottle
Creamy Soda Pop is another favourite, I want the white JSK so badly! It was gonna be my first brand piece but it sold out ONE day before I got money! :ccc

BtSSB - Teatime | Metamorphose - Happy Cake

Metamorphose - Teddy Patissier | BtSSB - Sweet Cookies Alice(?)

ETC - Key and Crown(?) | AP - Cake Applique
The ETC skirt is so small! I'd like to get the JSK instead.

Shirley Temple x2
These aren't full enough for a very poofy petti, but they're great for casual c:

Metamorphose | AP

Metamorphose - Three Tiered Skirt x2
These are THE perfect basic skirts imo~

IW | Metamorphose
Velveteen skirts. This photo is so bad <_<

Handmade x2
I don't know who made them, but they're both adorable!

BtSSB - Candy Print | AP - Assorted Cookie
ETC | Putumayo | Milk
These aren't really lolita, but as with the ST skirts: great for casual! I shouldn't had folded the Putumayo one that much, it looks so silly 8(

Dear Celine | Bodyline x3
The DC one is my main petti. The BL ones are for other styles, or occasionally for some extra poof.


AatP - Striped Crown(?)
My only salopette. I'd like to get more, but I'm so afraid they'd be way too short D8


Metamorphose - Teddy Coat

Offbrand (from H&M)


BtSSB bunny cape | F+F (I think?) cape | offbrand (H&M) fur collar

Doc Martens | The rest are offbrand, Bodyline and Antaina
Worst picture ever. Had to take it in the livingroom where the light is even worse -_-

AP | Offbrand | AatP
Yeah, umbrellas are outerwear now. Didn't know where else to put them...


AP - Fruits Parlor | BtSSB | ETC
AP | Hello Kitty | Metamorphose

Peace Now | ETC
Bottom row all offbrand

Replicas x5

MILK | BtSSB - Usakumya Rucksack (40 cm) | Offbrand
Thrifted the treasure chest for $3. Satisfaction <3

Cardigans, cutsews, etc

MILK | Nile Perch | AP
Jane Marple | Heart E | BtSSB

ACDC RAG | Offbrand | Bodyline
Offbrand x3

ETC x3 | Shirley Temple
BtSSB x2 | AatP x2


All my brand socks~ Not gonna list the brands for all of these, ask if you want to know.

Teja Jamilla | Offbrand | Ergi
Some of my favourite offbrand/indie brand socks (and tights). The awkwardly placed lavender tights have the same print as the black ones.

I'm a sock hoarder OK D8 Here's how I store my inexpensive socks which I can't be bothered to photograph.
The visible ones are less than 1/5 of all the socks I have...


Brand headbows~

Offbrand headbows~
All the bottom ones are from Chocomint.

AP (lollipops) x2 | BtSSB (card) | Metamorphose x2 (bottom)

AP (earmuffs) | Metamorphose (all the bows) | AatP (bandana) | BtSSB (top two scrunchies) | ETC (other two scrunchies)

Row 1: BtSSB | AP | BtSSB - Row 2: ETC x3 - Row 3: AP | Metamorphose | AP
Row 4: AP (obviously), Metamorphose, IW - Row 5: AatP | IW
Excuse my fingers e_e

Castle bow made by Tanantii, rose clip from Surface Spell.
The rest are all my offbrand hair clips, including two candy clips also made by Tanantii and a bunch of Chocomint clips.
Except for socks, I also hoard hair clips. The ones in the to the right are really just the surface, there are twice as many more under them...

Other accessories

Metamorphose (hearts and bows) | AP (candy and Whip Magic) | ETC (crown)

Metamorphose (tie, apple, bird cage) | MILK (heart) | AP (grey choker) | BtSSB (pink choker)

Jane Marple x Hello Kitty
Forgot to include this with the other necklaces, but then I realized it was actually OK because this necklace is a bit special - it's the only brand item I didn't pay for myself.
My mum gave me this for my birthday last year <3 All boys get HK necklaces for their 23rd birthday, don't they? 8)))

AP x3 (back row) | Metamorphose | BtSSB x2

Metamorphose | BtSSB | AP x2 (front)
Rings~ lol I put the chocolate one upside down... OTL

My slightly ridiculous collection of Chocomint accessories <3
Some of my Chocomint items escaped and are posing in other photos instead...

Offbrand necklaces~
See the big metal one with a cat and a fish? My grandpa gave it to grandma long ago. It's so fabulous!

Misc offbrand accessories, featuring an escaped Chocomint ring~

AP x2 | Metamorphose
Accessory sets. Not sure why I thought this was a good format to post them in...

And finally - some random items!

Metamorphose (cardigan and beret) | Bodyline (hoodie) | Surface Spell (blue bows) | Offbrand (bag, headband, wrist cuffs)
This is the stuff I forgot to include in the other photos because they were laying around in strange places 8(
Remember I told you the Surface Spell JSK had two detachable bows which the pins broke on? There they are~

That's all! I hope you enjoyed browsing my wardrobe, even though some pictures really sucked ^-^;
As a bonus, here's my BJD Morgan showing off my Usakumya keychain and pen (great size for him, no?):
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