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Rainies's Wardrobe Post 2013

I made it just in time! This is my second wardrobe post..I suffer from compulsive shopping, literally, so a big part of my last year wardrobe has gone to buy new pieces..You'll find lots of mismatched accessories from my "now gone" dresses because I'll buy them again someday xD Now onto my wardrobe! I really liked the idea of showing the dresses with a simple coordination so I tried to do it too :3


AatP Gloria black jsk - AatP Kuranosuke striped jsk with J+J coat

AatP Night Fairy Fantasia navy jsk - AatP Gathered Shiffon black x teal jsk

I'm still waiting for a matching commissioned headbow by Royal Rabbit

AatP Midsummer Night's Dream navy jsk - BtSSB Cinderella Jewelery ivory jsk

Haenuli Sleeping Beauty black jsk

AP Secret Treasure Chest royal blue jsk

AP Coutry of Sweets black jsk - AP Secret Treasure Chest white jsk

I'm waiting for this matching headbow as well by Royal Rabbit

AP Whip Magic black jsk - AP Honey Cake ivory jsk

AP Star Night Theater black jabot jsk - AP Aqua Princess jabot black jsk

AP Cinema Doll black jsk - AP Cinema Doll lavender OP

AP Twinkle Carnival switching black jsk - AP Fancy Melody halter black jsk

AP Maiden Ribbon Jacquard lavender jsk - AP Whimsical Vanilla-chan black OP

AP Lady Rose black jsk - Dear Celine OP

AP Toy March brown special set - AP Wonder Cookie blu halter jsk

AP Doll House pink jsk

AP Whip Magic black skirt - Peace Now Original Print Skull and Crossbones skirt


Angelic Pretty

Innocent World, AatP, Swimmer, Bodyline, Offbrand

Blouses and Cutsews

Angelic Pretty, Btssb, AatP, Metamorphose, dear celine, bodyline, anna house

Socks and tights

AP,Chantilly, aatp, btssb, tutuanna, metamorphose, offbrand

Headwear and accessories
Mostly Angelic Pretty, btssb, aatp, chocomint

Angelic Pretty, Alice and the pirates, chocomint, Angelic Pretty, Emily Temple Cute

4xAP, aatp

4xGraveyard Rose† Shattered Memories, cck

snipsnip,cck, offbrand, Graveyard Rose† Shattered Memories

AP, milk, metamorphose, btssb, offbrand

ap,cck, snip snip, metamorhose, chocomint,Graveyard Rose, offbrand


ap,bodyline, secret shop, btssb, innocent world


juliette et justine, kidsyoyo, peace now

currently waiting for

..and that's all!sorry for the very long post and thanks for looking!

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