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My wardrobe (also first post ever)

Hello everybody!

I'm Sara, from Sweden, and this is my first post here so I hope I'm doing this right... I've been into lolita since 2006/07 and made my first purchase in 2008. I'm mostly drawn to Sweet and Classic, favorite brands are BTSSB/AatP and IW. I wear lolita on a daily basis and often combined with offbrand pieces (not included in this post) so this is pretty much my one and only wardrobe. Enjoy~

Dresses & skirts

Baby the stars shine bright
Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Umbrella, Dog thoot ribbon Jsk, Dessert OP, Tears of the Snow Princess skirt, Marie Antoinette Jsk, Frill Skirt.

Baby the stars shine bright
Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Karami Skirt, Babydoll Jsk, Milk-chan & snow strawberry babydoll Jsk, Snow Snow salopette x 2, both boleros from Btssb.

Baby the stars shine bright and Alice and the pirates
Btssb & Aatp
Paris Princess Drop Skirt, Paris Window Jsk, Unico in Bloomland Pearl Jsk, Eris Jsk, Constellation Skirt.

Alice and the pirates and Baby the stars shine bright
aatp btssb
A&P Lace Jsk, Operetta velveteen Jsk, Night Fairy Fantasia Jsk, Cinderella Frill Skirt, Antoinette Bouquet Jsk, Marina OP.

Metamorphose temps de fille
Antique Bouquet Jsk, Antique Bouquet Bustle OP, Rose print dropped waist Jsk, Lace Jsk(?), Rose Bouquet Jsk.
Metamorphose temps de fille
? Skirt, Old Rose Jsk, Rose Letter Skirt, Pintuck frill OP, Rose print Jsk, lucky pack Jsk.

Innocent World
Innocent World
Constance Jsk, Aphrodite Jsk, Flocky tulle Jsk, Ophelia Jsk, Marple check OP, Malonica Rose Jsk

Innocent World
Innocent World
Harmonia OP, Lauretta Rose Jsk, Josephine Skirt, Theresia Rose Jsk, Antique Rose tiered Jsk, Rose panel 2 way Jsk.

Angelic Pretty and Innocent World
Angelic pretty Innocent World
Magical Étoile Skirt, Cake Appliqu Jsk, ? Jsk, Acanthus Skirt.

Emily temple cute, BTSSB, Juliette et Justine, IW
? Jsk, Rabbit Ballerina Jsk, ? skirt, Tartan check Jsk, Bisque Doll OP,Ladder lace flared OP.</span>

In the picture: Aatp, IW, Btssb, AP. 

Coats & jackets
Emily temple cute, Meta, Offbrand, Btssb Chelsea La la Jacket, Offbrand cape, Btssb x Novala Takemoto.

Innocent World, Metamorphose, Aatp and offbrand.

Metamorphose, Aatp and IW.

Handmade (not by me), Btssb, AP and IW.

Accessories and headwear
Btssb, Aatp and IW

IW, Metamorphose, Btssb, Imperial Fiddlesticks and offbrand.

Btssb, Metamorphose, AP, Aatp and IW.

That's it! Bloomers and such is not included, please feel free to ask if you have any questions about the clothes and such.  

Thanks for watching!
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