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My mostly Otome wardrobe

I've been a lolita for a little over 2 years now and gravitated from a mostly classic wardrobe to an otome one. If you would like to see the pieces I have previously owned, you can check out my Poupee nd for previous outfit shots, my Tumblr

Currently I have a penchant for items made with Gobelin fabric, which I am always on the lookout for so let me know if you spot any or have any for sale ;)

Now onto the Jumperskirts and OP's

1 Boat jsk
Offbrand (People Tree) Nautical Jumperskirt
I love nautical themes and this jumperskirt combines that and lolita perfectly. It also has pockets which is always a plus! 

2 Chess print
Emily Temple Cute - Chess Print Jumperskirt (2011)
It's a dress I fell instantly in love with from the moment I saw it on the shop blog. Also the one most strangers compliment, possibly due to the whimsical Alice in Wonderland print.

3 Tea party lace
Jane Marple - Tea Party Lace Jumperskirt (I'm not sure if that is the official name)
I love the ornate teapot/cut lace but it is extremely delicate and worry that it will get snagged somewhere >_<

4 strawberry gobelin
Emily Temple Cute - Strawberry Gobelin print Jumperskirt
Without doubt my favourite dress and the beginning of my love for Gobelin fabric. I love the cut, colour, print and fabric of this dress.

5 alice in wonderland
Jane Marple - Alice in Wonderland Gobelin print Jumperskirt 
More gobelin, need I say more? I love the dark green and rust tones.

6 Feerie
Juliette et Justine - Feerie (2012 re-release)
One of two classic pieces left in my wardrobe and one I've seen in many wardrobe posts this year. The chiffon fabric gives such an ethereal feeling to this dress. 

7 little rose op
Innocent World - Little Rose Onepiece
I love the peter pan collar and the retro feel of this dress, its very versatile.

8 accessories
A selection of my accessories; most flowers are from Forever 21 apart from the velveteen ones. The black headbow is from Innocent World, the boat hairclip and medium red rose are from Now Voyager. The teapot/teacup earrings are from Icing Sugar which were in the Teaparty club goodybags from 2011. The rabbit necklace is from Chocomint.

9 hats
Bowler hats - I do love!
Most from Monki except the green one which is from Urban Outfitters and the burgundy from ebay.

Cardigans and Blouses
10 cardigans
I mostly wear cardigans rather than blouses. 

11 blouses1
Both offbrand, I prefer chiffon blouses to cotton ones. 

12 blouses2
Both Offbrand, I love the cute collar of the pink blouse.

13 blouses3
Both Offbrand, this chiffon blouses work well with Emily Temple Cute items.

Jackets and coats
14 blazers
Offbrand Blazers, Forever 21 and Uniqlo. They work well with Otome.

15 coats
Offbrand coat and blazer, All Saints and Monsoon. Before I started lolita, the coat was my most extravagant purchase and it was on sale >_< 

16 tights
I don't really wear socks, I'm more of a tights person. 

17 shoes
All Offbrand, from top left. Aldo, Office, M&S, A shop in Iceland, Vivienne Westwood x Melissa (which I'm selling), Not sure, Carvela

Items Which I have just sold...
18 tea party
Emily Temple Cute - Tea Party/ Picnic Jumperskirt

...and which I have just bought
19 36490_10151459654290572_1741519654_n
Emily Temple Cute , thanks to the lovely Andie
I'm still looking fro the beige OP of this print.

20 388120060.5
More Gobelin print ^_^

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed my post.
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