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A Small, Handmade/Thrifted/Offbrand Wardrobe

This is my first wardrobe post, and it is mainly for my own archival purposes. I've loved lolita for almost five years, but I only started making and wearing it in September of 2012.

There is a lot of color-skewing in my photos, but I tried to get it as accurate as I could. For example, the purple background is the exact same blanket in all the pictures, but it shows up as being very different in my pictures.

Not Pictured
Socks (I mainly wear solid-colored tights) and most other accessories.


Gift/offbrand; thrifted

Altered thrift store find; altered thrift store find

Sweaters! Both were gifts.



Gift; altered thrift store find

As a side note, the color of my comforter here is the closest to the color in real life.


Altered thrift store find. It really needs to be ironed, sorry.


Fanplusfriend. I just got this skirt on Monday and I am wildly, passionately in love with it. We're in it for the long haul.

This was my very first lolita skirt. :) The colors came out a bit muddled. The reddish brown lines are actually the exact same shade of maroon/bordeaux as my one sweater and one pair of shoes, along with the maroon color of the flowers on the skirt below.

Handmade. The print does not seem so busy in real life, but it just does not photograph well.

Handmade [NOT BY ME]. This is the odd skirt out... It was an impulse buy, and I've worn it once as  it does not suit my style. I plan on dying it darker and possibly using it for some experiments later.


Altered Fanplusfriend.

I want to get/make more dresses, but skirts are so much easier that they keep distracting me. The require less fabric, less fussing and less time to make. *sigh*


The hot air balloon is a modified etsy purchase. I assembled the cameos from supplies I got off etsy.


I was lazy and made a poor-quality collage, so the scale is off. The bow is nowhere near that big. This is actually a really sad picture for me because I collect hats, but my collection is at my parents' house instead of here with me at school.

Bow: handmade; beret: thrifted; headdress: altered In the starlight; bowler hat: altered Fanplusfriend; straw hat: Fanplusfriend

The "ribbon" on the bowler hat can be changed out to match my coordinate.


All offbrand except for the boots, which are Demonia.

Coming Soon

I don't actually have anything in the mail, but I thought I would show the fabric I have. I plan to get two, possibly three dresses out of this, so I hope to see how far I've come when I do this wardrobe post next year.

I hope you enjoyed the show!
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