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I just can't get enough, I just can't get enough..! Wardrobe post of course !


Hello everybody !

After watching and commenting on most of the wardrobe posts I've seen so far,
it is time about I shared mine with you \(^_^)/ !
It's far from being exceptional, it's very simple and I don't have unique pieces
like some of you have, and even though I'm not totally satisfied with it, I'm proud to see
what I gathered so far and it is the result of three year (and a half) of interest in Lolita fashion.
I post my stuff in a "head-to-toe" order :).

Headwear :

Hats and Hair Accessories
Off-brand, Chantilly
AP, BL, Chess Story
AatP, BtSSB, Meta
AatP, AP, Chocomint, VM
6%doki doki, Meta

Wine Rose Comb (Chess Story)
Chess Story

Jewellery :

Lazy to label everything correctly x) :
AP, Meta, off-brand, Chocomint, handmade (b nomuzik_nolive and bonbonmalefique)
Wristcuffs made by my friend kitikea
The AP brooch next to the wristcuffs was my first brand item EVER. I love it when I find it in other people's closet ^^ !

My only Lolita bag :

Crown Label Red Bag (Meta)
Don't know its name... it's from Meta (Crown Label)
Gosh, I never even used it... I really need moar bags !
But I can never get myself to buy bags for some reason ('>_>).

Tops :

Cardigan (Off-brand) + Cutsew (Off-brand)
Cardigan and cutsew : both off-brand

Off-brand, DreamV, Meta, AatP

Blouse Trio (Dear Celine)
The infamous Dear Celine blouse that everybody has x).
It's the same in three different colorways.

Blouses (AatP + Carina e Arlequin + Meta)
AatP, Carina e Arlequin, Metamorphose

Loliable dresses :

Loliable Dresses
Both off-brand.
Very precious to me because they were offered to me by precious people.

Outerwear :

Black Coat (Boguta)
I love this coat ! It's so warm !
Everything is detachable (caplet, fur parts, belt)... even the buttons (-_-').

Heart Rider's Jacket (BTSSB)
Heart Rider's Jacket (BtSSB)
Bought this summer in Paris. It's pretty warm too.
But I only use it for one coordinate so far.

One Piece/JSKs/Salopette :

Maurice Salopette (IW)
Maurice Salopette (IW)
God bless IW's LPs and people who sell their contents on the sales comm x).

Antoinette Bouquet Print JSK I (BTSSB)
Antoinette Bouquet Print JSK I (BTSSB)
(Sorry for the mess behind my mannequin ^^')
It's one of my dearest dresses. I first saw it on the sales comm in 2010 (if memory serves well)
and I never thought I'd own it someday ! I'm so happy with it (even though it's too big and too short for me xD).

Beardsley Rose Alice Print Baby Doll JSK (AatP)
Beardsley Rose Alice Print Baby Doll JSK (AatP)
Another of my dreamitems. This print has everything I love in a printed dress :
- roses
- vertical stripes
- border print
- "tangled" print

Rose Toilette JSK (AP)
Rose Toilette JSK (AP)
And... Behold my ultimate picture montage/editing skillZ \(èwé)/ !
This is also a dreamitem. You never have enough red/wine stuff. Never.
I remember thinking during last year wardrobe posts that A LOT of people had RT
in their closets. And that pictures will never do justice to this dress.

Blooming Snow White Print Underbust JSK (BTSSB)
Blooming Snow White Print Underbust JSK (BTSSB)
I used to think of this dress as a dreamitem. It's not the case anymore
but I still love it a lot. I discovered it in François Amoretti's book :
Gothic Lolita : Princesses d'aujourd'hui.
That's what made me fall in love with it.

Heart Marble Chocolate and Sugar Coated Cookies Tiered JSK (BTSSB)
Heart Marble Chocolate and Sugar Coated Cookies Tiered JSK (BTSSB)
My first brand dress. It has roses and it's a kinda "messt/tangled" print, so I love it.
But the I feel like the cut is not what I like anymore...
However, I always feel a lot of sympathy for people who also own this print !

Shirring Gathered Sundress (MmM)
Shirring Gathered Sundress (MmM)
I love this dress. In fact, I love all MmM dresses without crosses xD.
It's very light ! Lighter than a blouse !
I really hope to own more MmM in the future !

Replica MM (Infanta)
MM replica (Infanta)
My first REAL Lolita dress (after my Ita period xD). This is why I can't part with it.
I got it before I even know what a replica was. To me, Lolita was so original it couldn't be copied.
Ahhhh, the days of my innocent youth... like the fresh scent of lemon, you see ?
(<~ Phoenix Wright fans will get this)

Mermaid JSK (ETC)
Mermaid Print JSK (ETC)
My newest dress. When I first discovered this dress, I was mixed between
"MER-MAIDS *___* !" and "this is a highly ridiculous print".
I'm so glad I got it but I wish it suited me as well as it suits Clothilde (my mannequin).

Wide Frill Lace-Up JSK (Meta)
Wide Frill Lace-Up JSK (Meta)
This dress is the old grandma of my collection (2006).
I still can't believe for how cheap I got it... less than 60€ !!
It has a strange shape but it's perfect for my Chantilly coordinate.

Sweet Story JSK (AP)
Sweet Story JSK (AP)
This dress is truely one of the cutest thing I own, and it's a shame I still haven't worn it out.
The back of the dress and the see-though lace make it unique to me.
I have to find a very thin chiffon blouse to coordinate it...


Antoinette Fleur Dress (MM)
Antoinette Fleur Dress 2012 re-release (MM)
This is my treasure and my ultimate dreamdress since 2009.
I remember falling in love with it when it was on MM's site and when I still thought that
my BL polyester dress with raschel lace was perfectly Lolita.
This is the most expensive thing I ever paid besides my PC.

It was worth the wait but I still have yet to find a way to do it justice.

Skirts :

Polka Dots SK (Anna House)
Polka Dots SK (Anna House)
This was my first real Lolita item after my horrible BL polyester dress.
I still like it, but I don't wear it as often as I used to. Funny how I thought that I shone wearing it
**special snowflake mode xD**.
A part of me doesn't want to sell it because it was my first real piece of Lolita clothing,
but another part of me doesn't like the fact to keep something I don't wear anymore.

Gingham Triple Tiered SK (AP)
Gingham Triple Tiered SK (AP)
This was my first brand skirt. I really liked Country Lolita back then,
but I think I'm too old for it now... But I still like the shape of this skirt a lot !

L'Oiseau Bleu Print SK (BTSSB)
L'Oiseau Bleu Print SK (BTSSB)
This is also a print I discovered thanks for Mr. Amoretti's book.
I think I'm too old for this one too (T_T)...

Circus (Tutu) Print SK (BTSSB)
Circus (Tutu) Print SK (BTSSB)
I originally wanted the dress, but it's very hard to find, so I was happy when I found
the skirt version ! I will always remember how hard it was for this skirt to reach me !
But I'm happy that my sellers are always kind enough to do their best to find the best way to deal with problems ^^.

Princess Honey's Tea Salon Print Princess Frill SK (BTSSB)
Princess Honey's Tea Salon Print Princess Frill SK (BTSSB)
There are items that will always look ugly on pictures and lovely IRL.
This skirt is one of them. The lace looks cheap from a distance (hence the other
picture to show you its beauty). It was an impulse buy, I orginally only wanted it
because it was from Baby and because of the waist style of this skirt.
I don't regret buying it, I still love it a lot (too bad the waist buttons are getting loose) !

Stripped High-Waist SK (Atelier Pierrot)
Stripped High-Waist SK (Atelier Pierrot)
I don't know its real name, but it's my favourite skirt.
Everybody needs a corset high-waist skirt in their closet !
I really hope I'll own a lot more Atelier Pierrot stuff in the future !

Minijupes en vrac
I love miniskirts. I love how tall and thin my legs look thanks to those.
What I don't like, is the way men look at me and call me from their cars when I'm wearing them (-_-').
I always wear thick tights and bloomers with them but heh... I guess it can't be helped.

Innerwear :

1. Shitty BL petti (my first one), with another layer of tulle added on the top of the original one.
2. Candy Violet/Malco Modes A-line petticoat.
3. Classical Puppets cupcake shape petticoat.

Anna House, BL, Classical Puppets, fluffymei, off-brand, Meta.
One cannot possibly own too many bloomers. At least in my opinion.
Bloomers are my favourite part of Lolita, and if I had to choose between my dresses and my bloomers,
I think it'd be my bloomers ! They're the core of a maiden's wardrobe for me !

Socks :

BTSSB, Meta, BTSSB, Chantilly, AP
Milky Ange, SS, BTSSB, Meta, MmM, BTSSB

Parasols/umbrellas :

Umbrellas (BTSSB + Lisbeth Dahl)
Black : BTSSB, Cream : Lisbeth Dahl
Birdcage and pagoda shapes are my favourite shapes for umbrellas.
The cream one is my lastest Lolita purchase, I got it just after I discovered the brand Lisbeth Dahl.
Here's the website, if you like to lolify your life, it's really worth the visit :

Shoes :

Shoes (BTSSB + Pentagramme + Off-brand)
Shoes (Off-brand)
Black shoes : BTSSB, Pentagramme (Meta replicas), Off-brand, Off-brand
Too bad I don't get to wear my Baby shoes very often !
The Pentagramme one were my very first pair of Lolita shoes. Very uncomfortable.
The lil' boots are my only pair of shoes made of real leather.
The off-brand shoes are not very pretty, but they're as comfortable as sneakers !

Shoes (an tai na + Secret Shop + BTSSB)
White shoes : *an*tai*na, Secret Shop (IW replicas), BTSSB
The first ones are really made of shitty quality !
The SS ones were my dreamshoes for long, I don't regret getting them, they're pretty and made of good quality.
The Baby ones are gorgeous but they're the most uncomfortable shoes on Earth, I wore them
for the first and only time at the beginning of 2012 : my feets still have the scars made by those shoes.

Shoes (Off-brand + DreamV)
Red shoes : off-brand, DreamV
Those two pairs are my pride (shoes wise). They really give a mature look to a coordinate.
About the boots : the fur is real rabbit fur and they are really comfortable despite the high heels (the higher the better !).

Shoes (BL + La Redoute)
Other colors : BL, La Redoute
The BL ones were given to me by my dear friend  but they really are in bad condition now...
I wish I were gifted for crafts, I would have done something pretty with them !
The brown ones, even though they're made of synthetic leather, are also quite comfortable.

This post is finally OVER ! I hoped you enjoyed it, I used big pictures on purpose
so you can see the details of the items, hopefully it didn't annoy you !
The aim of this post is mainly to be a reminder of what my wardrobe looked like in the begging of 2013,
because it is most likely to change during this year, since I'll be selling some stuff for my trip in Japan.
There, I'll renew my style into Classic (MM, VM, J&J) and Gothic (MmM, Atelier P., Atelier B.).
My goal when I first started Lolita was to have a coordinate of each style except Ero Lolita,
but I now realize it is impossible : all styles don't fit me and make me feel as comfortable as
Classic and Gothic Lolita do. Let's hope I'll find some nice pieces I'll love and keep in the future !

Thanks for reading/watching !
Bye ~ !

EDIT : how stupid am I...
I forgot to post my socks...
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