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There are too many wardrobe posts and I am contributing to the flood

Nothing too fancy or big, but I thought I think I have enough lolita clothes to qualify as a wardrobe now so here I go.


Innocent World's Charles Crown OP in Bordeux, the most recent addition my wardrobe. I love it so much! <3

My first dress, from Bodyline. One of my favorites pieces still.

Handmade (not by me), Maroon Sparrow. I love this JSK so much, it's really versatile.

Bodyline (?) OP. I'm not 100% sure if this is Bodyline or not, my dad bought it secondhand, and there are no tags. And since it's a pretty generic design, it's hard saying where it came from. I can't find any record of it being on the Bodyline website, but I'm just assuming that's where it came from.


Bodyline's Antique Clock skirt

I rarely wear this, I don't really own anything that matches the shade of pink and it's not super flattering on me. I only keep it around because I can't seem to sell it and I figure it gives my closet some variety.

Pink blouse from Forever 21

Not sure of the brand, bought it at Buffalo Exchange. The lace has little tiny dots, which I love.

Unsure of the brand of this blouse too, a friend gave it to me. I like it for when I'm going for a more mori/dolly kei look.


I bought this at a consignment shop for 15$, I adore it.

A friend gave this to me, I like it for more casual outfits in spring.

Bodyline boots. I wear these a LOT.

Montreal shoes, they've seen better days. Came to me used, the straps broke the first time I wore them out of the house, and they're about 2-3 sizes to big for me, I keep them because they look nice in my closet.

George shoes, impulse buy. Still haven't worn them and I don't know if I ever will, but I figure if I ever get my hands on Cinema Doll they will look nice with it.

RAMPAGE heels, I love these because of the color. I hate them because the heels are ridiculous and hurt my feetsies. :C

Just a cute plain pair of mary janes that I thrifted a while back.

Offbrand heels, nothing special.


Where I keep my jewelry (and blue stuff! I got it from the set of Breaking Bad).

All of my stirrup earrings.

My vanity.

My dog, Royal. She lives underneath the vanity.

Inside my incredibly disorganized vanity.

Aaaand I didn't remember to take pictures of my bags and hair accessories until I had put everything away and had imported all the photos so looks like that will be a post for next year.

That's all. C:

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