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A Beginner's Wardrobe

Probably about the smallest wardrobe post here haha, but hey why not.
Included is how and in approximately what order I have obtained my pretties, may be useful to fellow beginners :)
Of course, feel free to skip past my babbling and just look at the nice pictures :P

A short introduction,
I am a new lolita interested in mainly sweet style, but also sailor and possibly classic. I have been more seriously into lolita since the start of 2012 (I had always appreciated but never thought of actually wearing it myself until then), and joined my lovely local comm in the middle of the year. Since then, I have been slooowly sloowly building up my wishlist and lolita/loliable collection (I'm fussy, and hesitant about impulse buys, but hey it saves me money), and this is what it has gotten to!


Firstly, the star piece, my one and only lolita dress at the moment, Angelic Pretty's Triple Tart JSK!
I absolutely fell in love with this print like none other when I stumbled upon it for sale on the AP USA website. A few months later I was browsing Closet Child and saw it up for sale there, and after a few days of hesitation, I grabbed it! So glad I did, I love it to bits.
I know it's a bit sudden to start with brand but I knew for me I had to get something I absolutely loved.



Again, only one at the moment. Bought this secondhand off the comm sales as it fit my small measurements and was nice and simple, exactly what I was looking for to start with.


As far as shoulder coverings go, I also have an offbrand bolero which I bought at a local clothing chain. I took a photo of it but it must have escaped, so I have included this in a bonus picture at the end.

Big Accessories:

The straw hat is from an offbrand Taobao store, and the bag is from the Taobao store Loris (despite some of their bad reviews, I have used this bag several times full of things and it holds up perfectly well). I wear the straw hat a lot with my normal clothes too.



Amongst the first lolita things I bought, because I love shoes and I also wear these with my normal clothes.
Both from Bodyline. I wear the red ones a lot! They're so durable.



I also wear these with normal clothes sometimes.
Both pairs of OTKs from Bodyline, Both ankle socks offbrand (cream ones are Taobao).
The ankle socks are a bit hard to show as they're more like stocking material, but they have nice simple patterns to be more decorative.
I also have a bunch of stockings, but they're not worth including.



Included to be thorough and because there isn't much here in the first place.
Petticoat is from Classical Puppets on Taobao and shortie bloomers are from an offbrand pyjama store called peteralexander.
I bought the petti (as well as other Taobao stuff) before I got my dress so I could wear it straight away when I got it.


Small Accessories:

I have been collecting these over the longest time span of all the things in this post, simply because again they're too easy to wear with every day clothes too!
Barette is Angelic Pretty, Headband is Metamorphose and the rest is Chocomint (all bought off comm sales)
The stuff inside my rings is foamy insulation tape I bought at a hardware store, they make them fit properly because I have small fingers.
The handle from my teacup recently fell off T_T but oh well I guess it can be a Chinese teacup now...


Star clip from Bonjour Honey on Etsy
Necklace bought from One Day in Paradise at a con
Chocolate & strawberry ring from my friends at Peppermint Carousel
Ribbon headband is a DIY
Bow hairclips bought at a local accessory chain
Wrist cuffs are a premade pair I bought from Bunny Kitty Designs on the comm sales


Bonus Pics!

My jewelery & accessory storage corner (for everything including loli things, I also sometimes wear some of these in outfits as well as those above)


Mainly for necklaces & dangly things, it's annoying to hang earrings on

Bought this at an office supplies store! Perfect!

Here's where all my earrings are. Nice and visible.

And worn pic of the bolero I mentioned before, plus obviously a number of other items seen above


Things in the mail:
- Lavender KidsYoYo (Taobao) bolero
- Another white blouse, lighter material
- White lace wrist cuffs with white bows
- Metamorphose sailor OTKs

The things I am currently on the lookout to buy:
- Sailor lolita OP or JSK
- AP's Polkadot Chocolate JSK in mint
- OTKs that will go with my dress
- Lavender lolita heels
- More bloomers

And that's all! Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed my little post :)
Feel free to ask questions about anything or suggest what my wardrobe may be missing and could use.

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