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Bucket's 2012 Wardrobe Post

I managed to acquire one of my dream dresses in 2012, as well as a brand new dress courtesy of my parents, and also got my first ever Lucky Pack! So first things first:


Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Longest Name I acquired this at the swap meet at Connecticon and have worn it a few times (once at Otakon, and once at a Boston area meetup.)

Bodyline - Antique Clock Bought this to coord with a mini hat (see below.)

Bodyline - Brown Classic OP


Metamorphose - Cat Print Laceup JSK My first brand apparel! I bought it from the Kinokuniya booth at Otakon 2009.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Macaron Dot JSK This was a thank you gift from my parents for house and dog sitting during their 2 1/2 week trip to the Southwest and the West Coast, which included a stop in San Francisco.

Bodyline - Rose Print JSK For some reason my camera thought some of the roses in the print were red eye and it replaced them with black blobs...


Bodyline - Antique White Detachable Sleeve Blouse

Metamorphose - Side Bow Blouse

Bodyline - Pearl Heart Button Blouse


Metamorphose - Lucky Pack Skirt (Sweets Street)

Handmade Chocolate Cupcake Skirt


Betsey Johnson Wool Overcoat

Cardigans & Boleros

I usually buy cardigans from thrift stores and replace the buttons on them with something loliable. I've owned the crocheted brown bolero for a VERY long time, and the pink fluffy sweater was found still with its 1950s tags at a thrift store!


My two pairs of brand socks are to the left (the white lace topped Metamorphose socks and the wine Baby the Stars Shine Bright socks.) Between them is mostly offbrand. The ivory socks are Betsey Johnson, the white and brown socks next to them are from Secret Shop and the last two pairs of socks on the right (the sax bows and the black and gray striped lace topped socks) are from Bodyline.

Hair Accessories

The mini hat was purchased for me at Otakon as a present ^^ I got the Antique Clock dress to coordinate with it.
The blue headbow and the pink chocolate cupcake headbow are handmade.


Metamorphose star clip, Ribbon Holic bow necklace, Baby the Stars Shine Bright Longest Name charm bracelet, a bow clip from The Stone Flower in Boston, and my first piece of brand, an Innocent World crown necklace I won from a Tokyopop contest.


Bags and Other...


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