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My first wardrobe post! (60+ pics)

I started my collection in 2009. I don't favor any particular sub-style, but I tend to gravitate towards darker colorways. Not shown are bloomers, petticoats, and some boring offbrand items that I sometimes wear with lolita.
The pictures were taken at different times during the day and night, so I apologize for the weird lighting in some of the pics.


Baby the Stars shine Bright

The Jewel Tree Bouquet OP is my very first brand print dress!

The middle and right dresses are from 2004 and 2005 respectively. The sax OP came to me with sweat stains that took me almost an entire day of soaking and scrubbing to make them almost disappear. I've included the apron because I tend to wear it with the OP for an Alice inspired look.

Baby's salopettes are really comfy :)

Alice and the Pirates

I wish brands made salopette/apron skirts like the one on the right more often. They are super versatile and great for warm weather.

What can I say, it's St. Mephisto Cathedrale and Vampire Requiem :)

Angelic Pretty

I'm not really a huge fan of AP's more OTT sweet prints, but their more classic regimental stripe collections are to die for.


I absolutely love the kimono print dresses that Meta churns out every year, unfortunately they are very difficult to work into a co-ordinate.

Happy Tree Bouquet is another dream print of mine. I fell in love with the velvet cameo JSK when I first saw someone wearing it on Daily Lolita.

Atelier Pierrot

Even though Atelier Pierrot releases corset dresses every year without much change to their designs, I still can't get enough of them. They are actually very comfortable and forgiving because underneath the corset lacing is a fully shirred back.


The quality of the black floral JSK is surprisingly comparable to brand. The ivory floral JSK and the Fruits Parlor replica will be mailed out to their new owners soon.

Other brands

Chantilly's Un Chateau Secret Robe is yet another love at first sight. I think what sealed the deal was the manticore on the print. For once I chose the lighter colorway for Chess Story's Marriage du Amour. HMHM's Chandelier print replica was another dress I've wanted for a long time.


I don't own too many skirts because I prefer dresses. The one on the left is from Putumayo and the one on the right by Maxicimam. It matches perfectly with my AatP blazer for a sailor look.


Blouses and cutsews

The one on the right is from Maxicimam. It has detachable sleeves and also includes a pan collar and a high necked ruffle collar. The rest are Anna House

From left to right: Offbrand, H. Naoto Frill, Metamorphose x2, Baby, Bodyline and offbrand

H. Naoto Frill, Maxicimam, Emily Temple Cute, rest are offbrand.

A red Bodyline bolero somehow found its way into the offbrand blouse and cutsew pile...


Bodyline x2, Alice and the Pirates, Putumayo, Super Lovers and Forever 21's fawn fur coat :)



The tights are from Kawaii Carnival. The rest of the socks are from Putumayo, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, Metamorphose, AatP, Baby and offbrand.


Metamorphose, Angelic Pretty, H&M, Metamorphose, Maxicimam, Angelic Pretty x Tokyo Rebel collab, offbrand wallet

Parasol and collars

Collars are a great way to lolify plain tops. From the top: Innocent World, offbrand, and Marble. Parasols: Swimmer, Innocent World, and Taobao

Headbows and other hair accessories

Left: Red rose and striped headbow from Chantilly, Blue rose pearl headbow from Rococo Soul, the rest from Baby. Middle: Black x white headbow and lavender headbow from Angelic Pretty. The rest are Baby. Right: Large ivory corsage from Chess Story, brown hair tie (received as a gift and matches nothing in my wardrobe) and off white rose clip from Innocent World, pink x black star clip from Metamorphose, Silver star clip from Etsy, Heart star clip is handmade by a friend, and red bow hair tie from Daiso.

Bracelets, wristcuffs, rings and necklaces

Left: White wristcuffs from Baby, Black wristcuffs from Innocent World, front pink bow bracelet from Meta, the black one behind it is H&M, red and black with rhinestone bow bracelets from Baby, pink pearl bracelet is handmade, the rest from Chocomint. Middle: Bow rings from Chocomint, The rest are offbrand. Right: Putumayo pocketwatch, Angelic Pretty logo necklace, rest is offbrand.


Black, red, white and pink mary janes from Bodyline. The rest are offbrand.


*Phew* That took a while! Feel free to comment if you have any questions. Thanks for looking, and have a wonderful day! :)
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