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little bit of classic~ 2013 wardrobe post!

shuyi's wardrobe banner cut to size

i've been wearing loli on and off for about 5 years now, and my wardrobe has ding-donged from classic to sweet and back again countless times! but since the start of work i've finally settled on an all classic wardrobe which i sneak in for office wear whenever i can (quite often!) :]
wardrobe banner was made for me by the lovely zhenteng! you can view her artblog with more of her amazing art here :
now, onward to the pretties! i mix alot of non loli items into my daily wear, but i'm mainly showing the loli stuffs here :] a week's worth of office outfits~~

Monday work outfits: not in a colourful mood at the start of the week..

Dress: 2001 Victorian Maiden Shantung Cross Jsk

jetj pearle skirt
Jacket: Innocent World
Skirt: Jetj 2002 Pearle et Ruban skirt

Tuesday work outfits: sneaking in casual-ish stuff~
Cutsew: Mary Magdalene

jetj skirt
Skirt: JetJ (couldn't find the name!) the pattern reminds me of peranakan tiles!

size CIMG1472small
etc gobelin print corset top. goes amazingly well with all my work pants ;]

Wednesday work outfits : going out for a mid-week dinner after work!
 Dress: AATP sleeping beauty in navy

Skirt : Victorian Maiden Waltz of Snow in Winter leaf - the silver snowflakes embroidered on are fabulous!

Thursday's work outfits : meeting with boss = tone it down and look professional ;]
Skirt : Atelier Boz assymetrical skirt - never wanted this until i saw a worn photo. it's amazing on!

Skirt : Lief Regimental Stripes

Friday work outfits : TGIF! going nuttily colourful =p 
Dress: Mary Magdalene Lieselotte Jsk

Blouse: Mary Magdalene Norin Yoke Blouse 
Skirt: ETC Paris Biscuit skirt

Skirt : BTSSB circus print skirt

Saturday outfits : going out to tea, and it's HOT here!
Dress : Victorian Maiden Ribbon Frill jsk in firn

Skirt : Victorian Maiden Rose Garden in Moonlight blue

Dress : Mary Magdalene Therese dress in rose pink
I love these because they're so fluffy by themselves, i can get away wearing them without a petti!

Mary Magdalene whyteleafe op in milky mint and VM stripe lace ribbon dress in blue ( but its actually a muted jade colour! )
these two are such lovely minty shades that i feel cool just looking at them!

Sunday outfits : going out somewhere fancy to end off the week =p

Dress: VM 2001 gobelin print mermaid dress.
one of my favourite dresses! super easy to coordinate and dress up or down :]
Victorian maiden angora bolero with rose lace

and these babies which dont get taken out all that often unless i have a fancy event! AATP masquerade theatre jsk in black, Jetj bisque doll in lavender and Victorian Maiden petal frill bustier ;]

annnd, the longest surviving item in my loli wardrobe - it's never leaving me! 
Skirt : BTSSB Koitsukihime seraphim skirt in ivory

and finally, i leave you with my beloved irregular choice shoes and the hat in my wardrobe banner :]
waiting on my lief sacred night jsk in winexgold! it couldn't make it into this post, but nevertheless it'll be finding a nice resting spot in my wardrobe!

that's all, folks! hope you liked it!  :]

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