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★彡 Wardrobe 2013 [IMG HEAVY]

Hi everyone! This is my third year participating in the wardrobe theme. I hope you enjoy looking through it!
This year I wanted to do something different, so I added small detail shots of each of the dresses in my closet.

Star Night Theater by Angelic Pretty

Sugar Pansy by Angelic Pretty
This dress is soon to leave my closet, it is currently on hold for a buyer.

Toy Fantasy by Angelic Pretty

Wonder Cookie by Angelic Pretty

Candy Star Rabbit by Metamorphose Crown Label

Toy Parade by Angelic Pretty

Powder Rose by Angelic Pretty

Decoration Dream by Angelic Pretty

Jewelry Jelly by Angelic Pretty

Sugar Hearts by Angelic Pretty

Fancy Box by Angelic Pretty

Dreamy Dollhouse by Angelic Pretty

Fruits Parlor by Angelic Pretty

Snow Dot by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Altered Candy Treat from Angelic Pretty
This dress came to me damaged, and I have sewn on the bows for this reason.

The Swing by Baroquepetrock

Memorial Cake by Angelic Pretty

Milky Planet Yellow by Angelic Pretty

Milky Planet Pink by Angelic Pretty

Milky Planet Blue by Angelic Pretty

Someone requested that I take a photo of my three Milky Planet JSKs together, so I have.
I recently traded my OP for the JSK version, I'm quite happy about this!

Now onto accessories and other things!

All 3 Blouses are by Bodyline

Blouse by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Pink Parasol by Baby, Mint one by Angelic Pretty

Lyrical Bunny Capelet by Angelic Pretty, Jacket by Dear Celine

Hat by Kawaii Goods, Gloves by Angelic Pretty

Bolero by Dear Celine, Sweater by Bodyline

Offbrand Bear Hoodie, Sanrio Hello Kitty Hoodie, and San-x Korilakkuma Capelet

My jewelry and accessories come from various places. I'm kind of an accessories hoarder... let me know if you're interested in knowing the origin of any specific items in the following pictures.

I took a photo of all my headbows together, as well.

My shrinking shoe shoe collection comes next

My socks and my wardrobe helper Sherlock! He appears to be sleeping on the job....

Lastly, bags, wallets, and purses~

Holy crap, that was hard work, wasn't it Sherlock?
Time for a nap, it looks like.

Hah, thanks for looking! I hope you enjoyed it (◍•ᴗ•◍)

Tags: community: wardrobe post, theme: january

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